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How to book with ?

Booking a tour at is user-friendly without any forced commitment. You only book exactly what you want, clearly knowing what you get before you start your perfect China trip.

Submitting a tour inquiry is NOT an act of reserving a tour, but rather a way of establishing communication with a travel expert who will be helping with your China tour. Tour booking will be confirmed with payment only when you are totally satisfied with your tour plan.

Step 1: Select your favorite tour itinerary
Browse or search the ready-made tour itineraries on our website and select the route most suitable for you.

Step 2: Reserve your perfect China tour
Please click the "Book Now" button below the price, and then fill in the reservation form.
Please carefully study the itinerary and quotation that you have reserved. Also, please make sure that you have read our Terms & Conditions before you confirm your booking.

Step 3: Confirm your booking
The tour is officially confirmed at the moment that your payment is received. And you will receive a confirmation e-mail accordingly. A travel invoice or voucher will be provided upon request.