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Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

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Reasons that you cannot miss Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

1. This beautiful water village is known as “The Venice of Shanghai”.

2. An ancient water town with a history of more than 1700 years and features lovely waterways, curved rock bridges, old streets cemented with stone, and buildings dating back to the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing dynasties (1644-1911).

3. Zhujiajiao is the best-preserved ancient water town among the four ancient towns in Shanghai.

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New Tour of the Water Town (not including boat)

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2Booking Notice

1.Opening Hours: 8:30—16:30

2.Ticket Retrieval Shanghai Tourist Information center at the intersection of Xinfeng Road and Meizhou Road. Or Ticket office at the intersection of

3. Offers and Discounts: Children under 130cm in height are free of charge.

4. Ticket Policy: If you would like to change the travel date, or cancel the booking, please contact us in two days. Email:webmaster@chinatraveldepot Tel:+861058158830(for all)

5. Reminders:

a. New Tour of the Water Town includes 8 attractions: Kezhi Garden+ Shanghai Quanhua Art Gallery Yuanjin Buddhist Temple + Shanghai Handicraft Exhibition Hall + City God Temple + Great Qing Post office + Tong Tian He Chinese Pharmacy + Humanistic Museum

b. Folk Custom Tourism includes 4 attractions: Kezhi Garden+ Great Qing Post office + Tong Tian He Chinese Pharmacy +Humanistic Museum

c. Tickets couldn't be refunded or changed to another date after purchase.

d. The ticket is only valid for one day and besides once you exit, it would become invalid.

e. please make sure that all the information you provide for online booking is valid for successful entry.


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Ms. Mr.Alan


Apr.14, 2014

Overall Satisfaction:
"Very easy to book"
The Zhujiajiao ancient water town is very beautiful!
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