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The Great Wall at Badaling

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Reasons that you cannot miss the Great Wall at Badaling

1. Badaling Great Wall Circle Cinema is the largest 360-degree circle cinema in China that integrates circular screens and dome.

2. The Great Wall at Badaling is a masterpiece of construction in world history.

3. The Great Wall at Badaling is eulogized as one of the top nine passes in the world and the best part of Ming Dynasty Great Wall. 4. The Great Wall at Badaling is noted for its spectacular scenery and rich culture.

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Adult High Season(include round ropeway)

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2Booking Notice

1. Opening Hours: 6:30—19:00

2.Ticket Retrieval: After successful online booking,you would receive a confirmation massage of your payment via phone. With the code number, you could get a paper ticket at the entrance of Badaling Great Wall Circle Cinema.

3. Admission document: QR Code or the Text Message(beginning with 660) 

4.Offers and Discounts: Children under 120 cm in height are free of charge.

5. Ticket Policy: If you would like to change the travel date, or cancel the booking, please contact us in two days. Email:webmaster@chinatraveldepot Tel:+861058158830(for all)

6. Reminder:The ticket can only be retrieved at the entrance hall of Badaling Great Wall Circle Cinema. The service is not available at the ticket office of Badaling Great Wall.


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Ms. Mr.Mok


Apr.14, 2014

Overall Satisfaction:
"The Great Wall"
I always want to go to the Great Wall, today I went to the Great Wall! The Great Wall is really worthy of Chinese most famous ancient buildings!
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4Traffic Guide


Those who drive can go on Badaling expressway and turn right at Badaling Great Wall exit; then follow the directions of the signs take Bus 919 at Deshengmen bus station

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