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Weihai is not only a harbor city of Shandong Province, but also a strategic point in coastal defence of the whole China. Facing Yellow Sea by three sides, Weihai boasts the longest coastline of China and faces North Korea, South Korea and Japan across the sea. Located besides the mountain and sea, weihai, compared with other Chinese inland cities at the same latitude, has a rich rainfall and a temperate climate. With such unique geographic position and beautiful scenery, this city has become a popular summer resort , and has been listed into the beat places to live by the United Nations. Owing to the vast sea areas, Weihai has large quantities of biological resources and is famous as the biggest city in producing marine products. What’s more, it has the shortest distance from South Korea and Japan. After the diplomatic relations being established with South Korea, it becomes a beachhead in foreign trade and economic cooperation. Endowed with natural resources, Weihai develops the tourism industry at a fast sp

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7 Days Inn Kunming Road - Weihai

Kunming Road 16, Huancui District, Weihai, Shandong, Weihai, China

Golden Gulf Hotel Weihai

No.128 Beihuanhai Lu, Weihai, China

Sunshine Hotel Weihai

No.88 Tongyi Lu, Weihai, China

Weihaiwei Hotel

No.82,Haigang Rd,,Huancai District, Weihai, China

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