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Located in the southwest of Shandong Province, Qufu City is the hometown of Confucius, a great thinker and educator, as well as the founder of the Confucian School in ancient China. It is hailed by the westerners as “Oriental Jerusalem” and ranks as one of the world’s four Holy Cities. In 1994, Temple of Confucius, the Cemetery of Confucius and the Kong Family Mansion in Qufu were listed into the world’s cultural relics. Such cultural charm attracts people of different colors, nations, beliefs and fields to come here to appreciate the remains, go sightseeing, and go on a trip for study. Chinese descendants from various parts of the world also arrive to pay respect and look back into the shared past. In addition to the food for the mind, the food for the mouth is also popular among the tourists. Kongfu Yan, a banquet of a unique style, has evolved into what it is today after hundreds of years of renovation. What’s more, Kongfu Pancakes and Toasted Tofu are another two delicious food and best gifts for friends.

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Accommondations in Qufu

Qufu Queli Hotel

No.1 Queli St., Qufu, China

Qufu International Hotel

2# Hongdao Road,Qufu,Shandong Province, Qufu, China

Mingya Xintan Hotel Qufu

No 36 Datong Road, Qufu, Shandong Province , Qufu, China

Shandong Qufu Grand Hotel

No.1 Dacheng Road, Qufu, ShanDong, Qufu, China