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  1. ChinaTravelDepot offers you the top 10 China tour packages. We've combined our knowledge with our customers' feedback to choose what we consider to be China's top 10 tours. You can enjoy the historic and cultural splendor of Beijing and Xian; appreciate the unrivalled beauty of Guilin; enter the mysterious fairyland of Tibet; experience the exotic atmosphere of Shanghai and Hong Kong; spend time with cute giant pandas in Chengdu; enjoy the amazing minority culture in Yunnan and so on.

China Best Top 10 Tours List.

 No.1 Spirit of China Tour


8-Day Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai Tour

This is a classic tour route giving a fresh, new understanding of China. As well as experiencing the ancient splendor and fascinating Chinese culture in Beijing and Xian, you can also appreciate the modern development found in Shanghai.


Why We Recommend It?

• Includes three of the most popular tourist destinations: Beijing, Shanghai and Xian.

  • • Different experience covering historic wonders and man-made marvels.
  • • Reasonable price offering the best service, no forced shopping.

Full price from: US$ 1081 p/p


 No.2 Splendors of the Yangtze


11-Day Beijing, Xi'an, Chongqing, Yangtze, Yichang and Shanghai Tour

You will be presented with new and ancient marvels everyday as you visit places such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Entombed Warriors. The beauty of the Yangtze River and the impressive Three Gorges Dam will astound you. The tour ends with the modern miracle; Shanghai.


Why We Recommend It?

• Group tour, best price and guaranteed service to visit most of China's highlights.

  • • Enjoy a luxurious Yangtze River cruise tour.
  • • Introduction to China's history as well as relaxing in amongst the impressive Yangtze River scenery.
• Elaborately designed itinerary, introducing as much of China to you as possible.

Full price from: US$ 1421 p/p


 No.3 The Great China Tour


10 Day Beijing, Xi'an, Guilin, Yangshuo and Shanghai Tour

This is a quintessential China tour taking you to the must-see cities of China. The ancient capitals of Beijing and Xian will amaze you with China's impressive history and imperial culture. The untouched, natural Karst landscape in Guilin has never failed to inspire visitors. Shanghai and Hong Kong's colonial past and exciting present allow them to act as a seamless blending of western and eastern culture.


Why We Recommend It?

• Includes the four must-see cities in China.

  • • Discover the cultural heritage of Beijing and Xian.
  • • Take an exciting cruise on the Li River in Guilin.
• Enjoy the most beautiful scenery on earth in Yangshuo.
• Experience the fast pace of a modern metropolis in Shanghai.  

Full price from: US$ 1618 p/p


 No.4 Post-Olympic China Tour


8-Day Shanghai, Xi'an and Beijing Tour

Shanghai, Xian and Beijing are known as the Golden Triangle. The best sites include: the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors and the Bund.


Why We Recommend It?

• Experience ancient civilization combined with the modern development of China in Shanghai.

  • • View the ancient life-size Terracotta Warriors.
  • • Walk around the largest square in the world and explore the ancient alleyways.

Full price from: US$ 1069 p/p


 No.5 China Paradise Tour


12- Day Beijing-Xi'an-Hangzhou-Suzhou-Shanghai Tour

Shanghai, the thriving mega city, is surrounded by some of the best scenery and magnificent examples of ancient Chinese culture. A few hours will take us to the stunning, classical beauty of Suzhou and Hangzhou. This tour has it all.


Why We Recommend It?

• Experience the different garden styles found in the South of China, including Suzhou Gardens and West Lake.

• Enjoy life at “the Paradise Under Heaven”

• View the landscape and experience the culture of gardens in Suzhou • Visit Shanghai Museum to appreciate the changes in Chinese history

Full price from: US$ 1524 p/p


 No.6 Roof of the World Tour


15 Day Beijing, Xi'an, Lhasa, Shigatse and Shanghai Tour

As well as going to the most visited China Golden Triangle, (Beijing, Xian and Shanghai), you will visit the mysterious Tibet, known as "the roof of the world", to experience its outstanding culture and landscapes.


Why We Recommend It?

• Boasted "The World Roof", Tibet is a holy and pure land and a real change of scenery for those tourists who come from big cities.

• Visit the three must-see cities plus explore the journey to the ‘Roof of the World’.

• Step into the largest Royal Palace in the world.

• Visit the mysterious local Tibetan temples and palaces.

• View the natural scenery of pilgrim road and get close to local treasure.

Full price from: US$ 2480 p/p


 No.7 China Antique Tour


8-Day Beijing, Shanghai Tour

This is a classic tour route with a fresh, new understanding of China. As well as experiencing the ancient splendors and fascinating Chinese culture in Beijing, you can also appreciate the modern development found in Shanghai.


Why We Recommend It?

• Discover the treasures in the two must-see cities in China.

• Travel by rickshaw in the ancient alleyway to feel the real atmosphere.

• Visit Shanghai Museum to experience the changes in Chinese history.


Full price from: US$ 878 p/p


 No.8 Mystery of the Silk Road


13-Days Beijing-Xi'an-Dunhuang-Turfan-Urumqi-Shanghai

Ancient Silk Road, where the cultures of East and West meet, will take you to the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, a local family visit in Turpan, the famous Erdaoqiao azaar in Urumqi and more...


Why We Recommend It?

• Explore the most "inland" region in the world.

• Immerse yourself in Uygur minority culture.

• Follow in the footsteps of ancient merchants along the historic international trade route.

• Enjoy the spectacular and fascinating desert scenery.

Full price from: US$ 2201 p/p


 No.9 Picturesque China Tour


15-Day Beijing-Kunming-Dali-Lijiang -Shangrila-Shanghai Tour

Imagine riding a rickshaw down an ancient alleyway to experience real Chinese history and culture. View the picturesque, natural scenery at Shangri-la, the mysterious land. Enjoy local ethnic folk customs in Yunnan Province. Stroll on Huangpu River Bund and view modern constructions in Shanghai.


Why We Recommend It?

• Experience the ethnic culture of Chinese minorities.

• Wander around the original old and charming towns of Dali and Lijiang.

• Experience the romantic atmosphere and appreciate the natural wonders in Lijiang.

• Visit the marvelous 'Eden in dream' of Shangri-La.


Full price from: US$ 2496 p/p


 No.10 Everest Base Camp Trek


13-Day Lhasa- Gyantse- Shigatse – Tingri- Rongbuk-Everest Base Camp Tour

This is a real adventure which goes deep into the Tibetan surroundings. The only means of transportation during the 13 days is a land rover and some drives may last a whole day. But you will be rewarded with the picturesque scenes along the way. The spirit of this holy land is concealed in these unpolluted and secluded areas.


Why We Recommend It?

• Experience the journey to the ‘Roof of the World’.

• Climb the spectacular Potala Palace.
• Visit the mysterious, local Tibetan temples.

• View the natural scenery of pilgrim road.

• Trek to the Everest Base Camp by 4WD Jeep Support.

Full price from: US$ 2636 p/p