Long long ago---A story about the Great Wall

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Long long ago---A story about the Great Wall

Long long ago, Meng Jiangnü (mnng jyang-nyoo),our heroine, saved a man named Fan Xiliang (fan sshee-lyang). They fell in love with each other and got married. Unfortunately, Fan Xiliang was captured to do hard labor at a Great Wall construction site.

Meng Jiangnü waited day and night for her husband. Winter came, but Fan Xiliang failed to return. Meng Jiangnü sewed some warm clothes to take her husband. She arrived at the construction site, but was informed that Fan Xiliang had died and his body was built into the Great Wall.

Meng Jiangnü stayed by the wall and wept for days and nights. Deeply moved by the girl's bitter weeping, the Great Wall collapsed and she finally found Fan Xiliang’s body. This story of love and devotion was widely known in China.


The Great Wall also has many other fascinating true stories, that you will have a chance to hear while standing at the scene of the story if you take a Great Wall tour with us.

To enjoy a better-than-normal Great Wall trip, we kindly offers you our best tips —10 dos and don'ts at the Great Wall.

  • Do prepare well for hiking. Please take your trekking pole, hiking boots, windbreakers, sun protection, waterproofs etc. as necessary.
  • Do bring water and food. There are no shops on the wall, and restaurants are way down in the valleys.
  • Do experience the toboggan slide way to descend the Great Wall if you visit Badaling or Mutianyu — especially if with kids.
  • Do visit Badaling, Juyongguan, or Mutianyu if you have mobility issues. These Great Wall sections are (more) wheelchair-friendly.
  • Do bring toilet paper and use the valley restrooms before ascending the Great Wall, since there are no toilets on the wall.
  • Don't camp on the Great Wall, as it is dangerous in inclement weather, and carrying lots of extra weight will dampen your hiking experience.
  • Don't wear open-toed shoes to hike the Great Wall, even in hot summer.
  • Don't go alone to the wild Great Wall. Travel with friends, and find a professional guide to facilitate access and prevent getting lost.
  • Don't take photos from unsafe positions. First get a secure footing, and don't move about if you're standing near loose rocks/bricks.
  • Don't climb on the windows of watchtowers, especially unrestored ones that might collapse.

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