Take a breathtaking photo at the Yellow Mountain!

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Take a breathtaking photo at the Yellow Mountain!

 If you are looking for enchanting mountain snow scenery, the Yellow Mountains would be your best destination.

Best seasons to Yellow Mountain

April: flowers perfume the air everywhere.

July: it is great to watch the sunrise and sunset in bright weather.

December-February: the snowy landscape there is amazing; moreover, the tickets are not expensive in winter.


Best places to take pictures:

No.1 Bright Top

Tips: winter and spring for sunrise, sunset and the sea of clouds.

Bright Top is located in the middle of the Yellow Mountains. It is the second highest peak with about 1,860 meters above sea level. It is the ideal place to watch the view of the peaks of the East Sea and the West Sea because its top is smooth.

No.2 Flying-Over Stone

Tips: winter and spring for sunset.

Flying-Over Stone is located at the north-west part of Bright Top. It is about one kilometer away from Bright Top and around 1,730 meters above sea level. Flying-Over Stone is oddly shaped, being 12 meters high, 8 meters wide, and 1.5-2.5 meters thick. Furthermore, it weighs about 360 tons. It is stunning that such a stone stands upright on a 15 meter long and 10 meter wide flat stone.

No.3 Refreshing Terrace

Tips: winter and spring for sunrise and the sea of clouds.

Refreshing Terrace sits on the side of the Lion Peak, projecting over a crag with three free surfaces. It is surrounded by cement balustrades which tourists can lean against to observe from the terrace. The scenery around there is amazing: in front of the terrace is the North Sea, and below it are the 18 spiral stone steps.


Bring these with you:

  • Tripod, raincoat, and walking stick are necessary.
  • It is not acceptable to hold the iron chain during thunderstorms.
  • Don't take cover under a tree when it rains.
  • Take warm clothing, especially a down jacket in winter.
  • Take food for yourself as it is expensive to buy at the scenic sites.

The famous scene "the seas of cloud" is more likely to be seen in winter. And the sunrises and sunsets on the mountains are very splendid. You can enjoy the scenery by yourself most of the time, unlike in the overcrowded summer. If you want to have the photo tour, try our recommended tour.

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