When and Where---Two steps to visit the Great Wall

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When and Where---Two steps to visit the Great Wall

The Great Wall is an amazing ancient defensive architecture of China. The Great Wall winds its way across the deserts, over the mountains, through the valleys, till at last it reaches the sea. It was one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Actually, you just need two steps, and then you can have a perfect tour.

When: Choose the Best Time

Spring (March–May) — Cool/Warm and Fresh

The plants on the mountains turn green, and the blossoming flowers make the fresh spring Great Wall vistas even more beautiful. You’d better to pack a warm jacket.

Summer (June–August) — Hot and Crowded

After the summer rain, the Great Wall is multicolored by rosy clouds and the rainbow. It may be too bright for the best photography. You‘d better prepare umbrella for sun and rain.

Autumn (September–November) — Cool and Clear

There are genial sunshine, gentle breeze, mountains and forests all tinged with red. All kinds of wild fruit hang in branches. The world presents an enthralling view of autumn. You should pack a warm jacket.

Winter (December–February) — Cold and Windy

The mountain and the wall itself are often covered with snow in winter, offering awesome snowy scenes. Remember to pack for winter mountain trekking.

Where: Choose a suitable section

  1. Badaling---The most popular section

In Chinese, 'Bada' means 'giving access to all direction'. The name suggests its strategic importance and convenient traffic. Badaling is favored by lots of celebrities, such as Empress Cixi, Chairman Mao.

Location: 72 kilometers (45 miles) from Beijing, 2 hours’ drive

Features: Badaling Great Wall is the most visited section of the Great Wall, and the north part is fewer tourists than the south part.

     Facilities: cable cars, Great Wall Museum, circular-screen cinema, and wheelchair access. S2 bullet train at Beijing North Railway Station is the best way to get to Badaling.

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  1. Simatai---The pinnacle of Great Wall


Simatai Great Wall It is the only part that still has the original appearance of the Ming Dynasty. Gubei Water Town is strongly recommended. It is near the Great Wall and you can relax there.

Location: 120 kilometers (75 miles) from Beijing, 2–3 hours’ drive.

Features: Simatai Great Wall is celebrated for its steepness, queerness and intactness.

Facilities: cable car; zip-line to Simatai’s West Wall; boats on the reservoir up to East Tower.

Recommended tour:

Great Wall at Simatai and Gubei Water Town Day Tour

2 Days Simatai Great Wall Hiking Tour & Gubei Water Town

  1. Mutianyu---the best fully restore section

 Mutianyu Great Wall enjoys a long history and it is part of the glorious culture of China. In addition to its strategically important location and compact layout, it is also famous for the breath-taking scenery.

Location:  73 kilometers (45 miles) from Beijing, 1½ hours drive

Features: A superb example of Great Wall fortifications, Mutianyu is uniquely-designed with watchtowers and fortresses densely spaced along its length, and crenellations on both sides.

Facilities: In addition to its passenger ropeway, the thrilling slipway can send you to the ground as well.

Recommended tours:

Pure View: Mutianyu Great Wall Hiking Tour

Mutianyu Great Wall and Exterior View of Olympic Venues

  1. Juyongguan---The greatest Great Wall fort

 Situated in a valley surrounded by mountains, Juyongguan Pass has long been a military stronghold. But now it's a beautiful scenic spot.

Location: 60 kilometers (37 miles) from Beijing, 1½ hours’ drive.

Features: It is one of the greatest forts defending ancient Beijing. Genghis Khan once led his troops through Juyong Pass during his conquest of Chinese territory.

Recommended tours:

Half Day Tour to Great Wall at Juyongguan & Exterior View of Olympic Venues

Juyongguan Pass

  1. Jianshanling---The best preserved section

 It is typical in structure and is famous for its elegant architecture, dense guard of towers, broad field of vision and unique landscape.

Location: 154 kilometers (96 miles) from Beijing; 2–3 hours drive.

Features: half restored and half wild, quiet with fabulous vistas of the wall snaking up and down

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