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Suzhou Shopping Tips

27 Feb 2014

There is definitely one thing you need to know that Suzhou is more than a silk town. If you are travelling to Suzhou, and want to bring some souvenirs back home, where are best places to go? We recommend you 6 shopping locations from local cultural street to international fashion road. Suzhou has a lot to offer. See if they can satisfy your needs in your Suzhou tour.

No. 1 Suzhou Guanqian Street.
Recommended reason:  Guanqian Street is most popular shopping street. It is located in the downtown area. There are both big and famous shops but local ancient attractions. You can find everything there, clothes, hand wares, shoes, food, flowers etc. It is one street fulfilled with Suzhou business, cultural, religion, and travel favors. The architectures are amazing. You can really appreciate the Ancient Suzhou Style.

No. 2 QiantaiXiang Silk Shop
Address: Suzhou Guanqian Street No. 136-138
Recommended reason:
Located in the middle of the dry Guanqian Street, Qian Taixiang silk shop has a history over a hundred years in Suzhou silk industry. Besides silk, it sells the fine woolen fabrics, cotton fiber etc. It has a good fame because the good there is in well quality with affordable prices. The most attractive is that you will have countless choices there.

No. 3  Caizhizhai Candy Shop
Address: Suzhou Guanqian Street No. 91
Recommended reason:
Caizhizhai Candy shop is well-known in China east south. Almost everyone knows it in Suzhou. As a old shop with a history of 100 years, there are many best-sellers food there, for example: rice-dumpling sugar, Pine nut, rose seeds, crisp plum etc. The Marinated bean curd is their No.1 of the best-seller food. There is tea house on the second floor where you can drink tea and listening to Kunqu Opera.

No. 4 Yinxiang City:
Address: No. 1699 Modern Avenue, Suzhou Industrial Park,Suzhou
Recommended reason:
Yinxiang City is the one-stop shopping centre in Jinji Lake Area. It is perfect place to enjoy delicious food, drink with friends, see movies and buy things. Most fashion brands in China have their’s outlets there. When it comes to sales season, clothes are in great discounts. At night, you can stroll along the lake and enjoy the special water view.

No. 5 Wedding street on Tiger Hill Road
Address: Near Gate of Tiger Hill Scenic Zone Jinchang District, Suzhou
Recommended reason: The wedding street on Huqiu road is one of the most famous wedding dress producers. A lot of the new married couples go there and purchase the most important clothes. There are over a hundred shops selling wedding dresses. Besides these shops, the Tianci Wedding Plaza is the most fabulous place in the street. The estimate price for a high level wedding dress is around RMB1000.

No. 6 Jiuguang Shopping Mall.
Address: Yuanrong Time Square, No. 268, Wangdun Road, Suzhou Industrial Park
Recommended reason: The architecture of Jiuguang Shopping Mall is very special. The Yuanrong Time Square is built in small wooden bridges. Jiuguang Shopping Mall is one of the largest shopping centrres in Suzhou with comprehensive brands and shops. A lot of international fashion brands have also opening here.

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