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Shanghai Wildlife Zoo Leading Top Ten Fun Places for Children

25 Jun 2014

The Children’s Day which belongs to children as well as parents and family is coming. Hand hold hands and visit Shanghai together. So What places are suit for family activity in Shanghai? The Shanghai Tourism Administration official microblog and official WeChat “visit Shanghai happily” launch together the net friends’ advices collection activity--- “ to find Shanghai’s top family fairground”. The whole plan of the activity is decided by net friends from nomination to vote. According to statistics, 

there were 2187 people participated the net interactive responses and recommended top ten family fairground.

     Nowadays, with the appearence of all kinds of theme parks, children have more and more demanding requests of parks’ locations. Some spots which have less characteristics are payed less and less attention. Therefore, some children’s playground in hotels, entertainment areas in markets, role playing parks are recommended by net friends fluently. However, according to net friend’s last choices, the majority will choose some traditional parks and theme parks as the destinations of family’s shot trips. The old brand science museum such as Shanghai science and technology museum, Shanghai Children museum are the prior places considered by citizens and tourists. Some net friends also felt cheriched to the Shanghai Nature Museum which was closed down in recent, and they also expected the new one.

The Top Ten Family Fairground

Shanghai Wildlife Zoo

Recommend Reasons: There are a lot of wild pleasures. The animals’ performances are favored by children. Children can touch the animals directly.

Ticket Prize( general):130  per person

Address: Pudong new area North Six Highway 178


Shanghai Science and Technology Museum 

Recommend Reasons: Both children and parents can acquire knowledge Some 4D, 3D and IMAX scientific movies are highlights.

Ticket Prize( general):60 per person

Address: Pudong new area Century Avenue 2000


Oriental Land

Recommend Reasons: It is a good place for relieving stress and tiredness and for relaxing oneself.

Ticket Prize( general):50 per person

Address: Pudong: Qingpu District Huqing Highway 6888

Shanghai Happy Valley

Recommend Reasons:  There are various entertainment programs which suit for all walks of life.

Ticket Prize( general):200 per person

Address: Songjiang District Linhu Road 888


Changfeng Sea World

Recommend Reasons:  There are wonderful performances in white whale museum and aquarium.

Ticket Prize( general):130 per person

Address: Putuo District Daduhe Road 451


Shanghai Children’s Museum

Recommend Reasons:  There are not only scientific exploration programs but also role playing activities.

Ticket Prize( general): free but need to get a visit ticket

Address: Changning District Songyuan Road 61


Jingjiang Fairland

Recommend Reasons: The sky wheel is a symbol. There are not many exciting programs, so it is suit for children.

Ticket Prize( general):60 per person

Address: Minhang District Hongmei Road 201


Chocolate Happy Fairland

Recommend Reasons: You can eat and play at the same time. How happy it is.

Ticket Prize( general):200 per person

Address: Pudong new area Bocheng Road 100



Recommend Reasons:  The most famous four subsea tunnels are very good. 

Ticket Prize( general):160 per person

Address: Pudong new area Lujiazui Road 1388

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