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Six Waters Towns In China South

16 Jun 2014

   Yangtze river area is an abundant place where raises people with its fertile soil and easy environment. Rowing paddles along the river , you can cross through old towns with hunderds year of history and enjoy its culture.

    Wuzhen: Once come, you will nerer forget

    The first expression of Wuzhen comes from the TV show Time Passes Like Flowing Water  acted by Liu Luoying and Huanglei.This show deduces a sad love story in this quiet and serene place. Since then, Wuzhen became a dream place of the youth.

    The residential buildings in Wuzhen's streets are well preserved. Sitting in the gallery beside rivers, enjoying the beautiful scenery , and experiencing its unique culture is a wonderful feeling.

Nanxun: a beautiful Water Painting

    Nanxun is a historical cultural town in Zhengjiang Province. It has a long history, and it is a pivotal place of water, land since Song Danasty( 960-1279).  It is the famous " hometown of fish and rice", "mansion of silks" and "cultural town". Its scenery has not been changed until now. The canal in the north of the town extends from east to west, and the river in central town across from north to south. Rivers and streets cross and bridges lead to each other. Old stone arch bridges, streets and lanes over the rivers, the residential buildings beside the rivers constitute a original picture of watertown.

    Xitang: A picture of Watertown with Chinese painting

    Xitang is flat,filled with rivers and its natural environment is very quiet.There are 9 rivers intersecting in the town and dividing the town into 8 sections. Numerous bridges connect the town as a whole one called "nine dragons holding one pearl" or "winds from eight directions". The interlaced rivers cross the old town, and ancient housed with white walls and grey tiles locate tightly and extend along the river banks. Xitang would be more quiet in rainy days of March. Riffles float in green rivers and several boats stop beside the river bank. It is the "old town which has lived for hundreds of years. No mundane noisy but tranquility.

    Tongli: A ancient town for centuries

    The old town Tongli locates beside the Lake Taihu, surrounded by five lakes. The unique feature of Tongli is her beauty of the styles of its buildings. The streets are meandering and rivers are intersecting.Roads are connected by bridges, the city is surrounded by waters, and the town is built around rivers.Rivers, bridges, streets, roads, houses and parks are joined together.

    Zhouzhuang:  anther heaven world

    Zhouzhuang is a watertown with more than 900 years of history in China's Yangtze River Area. The most beautiful scene of Zhouzhuang is nocturne. You can get rid of the noisy of the daytime and feel its quiet in the night. Boating on the rivers and crossing numerious houses is a perfectness. It is Zhouzhuang, a town with beauty which is breed by thousands of years.

       Luzhi: A Pretty Girl

Luzhi is a old town with more than 2500 years' of history, which has a same age with Suzhou Old Town. The long history has raised its rich culture and made it as one of the China's first batch of famous historical and cultural towns. The water is the soul of the town. Crooked rivers like a jade belt surrounding the town. with ripples on. Beside the rivers are various kinds of carved revetments used for binding boats, and it is a recall of the town's most splendid culture. Water in Luzhou is clear, and bridges are pretty. Luzhou is also called "the capital of bridges" due to its numerious bridges.


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