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By High-speed Trains: Travel around Shanghai, Hangzhou & Nanjing

12 Jun 2014

Go out in Weekends and Take the Most Enjoyable Route.

    The high-speed railway from Nanjing to Hangzhou, and Hangzhou to Ningbo has gone into operation since 1st, July. Then shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou, these three core cities in Yangtze river delta form a complete “High-Speed Triangle”.


Riding alongside The Dongqian Lake in the morning and Viewing Nocturne In Confucius Temple

    You can ride alongside Ningbo’s Dongqian Lake in the morning, and then sip a small cup of Longjing tea beside Hangzhou’s West lake in the afternoon, and last view nocturne in Nanjing’s Confucius Temple.

The high-speed railway between Hangzhou and Ningbo has been called “the most enjoyable route ”. Its operation makes the dream of traveling Yangtze river delta come true.   

The First Day

09:00  Setting out from shanghai

10:45  Arriving at Qinghuai River, Nanjing

The Qinghuai river is the mother river of Nanjing, and it accumulates Nanjing’s culture. There are lots of records of Qinghuai River. No matter these records are admirations or legends, the Qinghuai river crosses Nanjing and leaves it a great cultural heritage.

17:00 Finding a Cool Place Beside The West Lake

There are some cool, beautiful and clean places in West Lake Scenic Spot which are better than air-raid shelters or air-conditioned rooms. Where are they?


1 Bamboo-lined Path at Yunqi

When you step into Yunqi, all that around you becomes green. The bamboos are green, and old trees are green, too.  Walking in Yunqi, you will feel comfortable. Yunqi has the oldest trees in West Lake Scenic spot, and the three oldest sweetgum are more than 1000 years old.


2.Nine Rivulets and Eighteen Gullies

The nine rivulets are in the west of the West Lake’s mountains. The winding rivulets flow along the roads in mountains, and sometimes they flow from left to right, and sometimes from right to left. Hangzhou’s summer is quite hot, but the temperature in nine rivulets is much lower than city center due to the spring.

3.Tiger Spring

Water in Tiger Spring is cool, but is not as cool as in Nine Rivulets, it is about 31℃. Surrounded by tall and old trees, and the cool spring, the Tiger Park makes people feel cool. At present, Tiger boutique lotus exhibition continues. Citizens and tourists can enjoy the coolness, at the same time , they also can watch lotus.

The Second Day

11:00 Enjoying Morning Tea Beside the West Lake

Longjin town locates in the southwest of the West Lake, and it is surrounded by mountains. Its topography is high in the north and low in the south, and it owns tea gardens of 800 mu. According to a legend, the Qianlong Emperor(1711-1799) had once taste the Longjing tea in Hugong Temple,  Longjin town. After tasting it, he gave high praise to it, and assigned the 18 tea tress before the temple as “Yu Trees”


14:00 Riding Alongside the Dongqian Lake

 Dongqian Lake is the biggest natural freshwater lakes in Zhengjiang Province. Its circle is 45 miles, and the road around the lake connects all the scenic spots. Water in Dongqian Lake is clean and the mountains are lush. The scenery there is elegant. The blend of nature and humanity, co-existence of classical and modern and the combination of tranquility and elegance attract more and more visits.

19:00 Returning Trip

Passengers advocate that some direct railways between Ningbo and Shanghai should be added. “ It is better to have more direct railways, especially in rush hours. Many tourists in Hongqiao Station also have such advices. Many people commute frequently between Shanghai and Ningbo, however, the there are only two direct railways one day, and one is at 9:00 am and the other 3:00 pm. Therefore, it is uncomfortable for businessmen.


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