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Cool Places to go in Shanghai Summer Tour

09 Jun 2014
 As soon as Shanghai goes into summer, sometimes it is filled with haze. In order to escape from the haze,many people would like to go to other cities to breathe fresh air in weekends or holidays. In face, there are many pure and clear places in Shanghai that you can get rid of haze and breathe the fresh air in Shanghai tour. These places are waiting for you! Let’s check out and go!!!


Hengsha Island

      Hengsha island, the smallest island of the three islands in Chongming, Shanghai, locates in the most east of Yangtze river. It is surrounded by sea, and it is the place where you can see the sunrise in Chongming District. It has an area of 52  square kilometers. There are numerous trees and waters in it, so it has owned the reputation of “a shanghai rural with blue sky, clear water, fresh air and pleasing sound. Then it is also called “the most beautiful country”, “ national beautiful environment town” and “national civilized town”.


Shanghai Taisheng Polit Farm

      The Taisheng Farm has an area of 730 mu. The farm adopts the combination of inorganic and organic agriculture. Besides some fresh and safe agricultural productions offered to the holiday village and members, some other leisure service are provided, such as multimedia movie theaters, agricultural production zones, hog house, wastewater biochemistry pool. The farm cooperates with schools and passes down the green idea from generations to generations. It is not a natural oxygen bar, but a paradise of Shanghai.


 Dongtan Wetland Park

     Dongtan wetland park locates beside the Dongtan Bird Natural Reserve, and it is the only one wetland park that locates beside the migratory birds reserve. The park’s scenery is beautiful, air is fresh, water is clean, and every index reaches country’s one or second level. 


Shanghai Sun Island

    Shanghai Sun Island has an area of 2500 mu, and it is Shanghai’s only one natural island holiday hotel. The island owns natural hot spring spa, 16 different banquet halls and conference halls, 6 different Chinese and western styles restaurants, 453 rooms with European styles which can hold 1000 people, 2 18-hole golf courses and practice ground, a beach swimming place and indoor homothermal swimming pool, original Taisheng farm, different style KTVs chartered rooms, etc.


Haibin Forest Park

    Shanghai Binhai Forest park locates in the east of Nanhui District , Shanghai, besides the sea. The park combines modern technology and culture and simulates the natural forest scenes to create a green atmosphere of the harmony of people and nature. 


Shanghai Hiawan National Forest Park

    Shanghai Haiwan National Forest Park locates in Wusi Farm, Haiwan Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai which is 60 miles from Shanghai city center. It is a huge artificial ecological forest city that forest predominates, combined with nursery stock, leisure visit, scientific research and science popularization education.


She Mountain Travel Holiday Village

She Mountain is the highest peak in shanghai, and it is defined as national forest park. She Mountain scene spot has been listed as one of the national travel holiday villages. It can be divided inti East She Mountain Park and West She Mountain Park. The lush pines and bamboos, beautiful stones and springs make it wonderful, and Xu Xiake had once five times visited here.


Fengjing Old Town

    Fengjing Ole Town is China’s famous historical and cultural town, and it is one of the eight scenes of the new Shanghai. It locates in the southwestern of Shanghai city. It is a typical Jiangnan watertown. The town is surrounded by networks of water, and numerous rivers cross the town. There are 52 bridges, and the oldest is Zhihe bridge in Yuan Dynasty(1206-1368), which has a history of 700 years. The typical building is the corridor, which is 268 meters’long and rates the first or second of the existing corridors in Jiangnan watertown.


Zhujiajiao Old Town

    Zhujiangjiao town locates in the middle and north of Qingpu District, Shanghai, and it is besides Diansha Lake Scene Spot. Zhujiajiao is always called “Shanghai’s Venice”and “Shanghai’s countryside Hollywood”.The nine streets in the town are just beside rivers, thousands of houses are built beside rivers. The famous North Street, also called “Yixian Street”, is the most well protected one in Ming and Qing Dynasty.

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