Flights from Samarinda to Los Angeles

Flights from Samarinda to Los Angeles

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Useful thing for your Flights from Samarinda to Los Angeles

  • There are 1 Airports in Samarinda, including Samarinda Airport . Don't forget to confirm your Samarinda airports.
  • There are almost 10 hotels for your choices when you arrival in Los Angeles.
  • There are 1 Airports in Los Angeles, including Log Angeles . Don't forget to confirm your Los Angeles airports.

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Oct. 11,2014 11:45

Asked by Mr.noval ludin (Bermuda)

rawamekar zaya
saya jombllo tapi saya lelaki yg dermawan apa anda tertarik hub hp 083813022829 pin ,29e2ce29

Oct. 07,2014 01:54

Asked by Mr.Eduardo Gosling (Brazil)

China Travel Answers
1) According to the China Eastern website the tickets I bought from you do NOT exist! (ref.: CTD14100203450008 and CTD14100305580010) What is the problem? (I also checked tickets I bought directly from Eastern and they exist. only the ones I bought from you did NOT.) 2) Although I paid for CTD14100305580010 and received final tickets by e-mail they still show in my China Travel Depot account as "arranged" and not as "paid". Thanks in advance for a clear explanation.

Sep. 28,2014 10:39

Asked by Mr.KIAN GUO LIEW (Singapore)

Flight Schedule Update From Airlines(Booking No.CTD14092516070058)‏
I received a flight schedule update email as below: Your original flight CZ3674__on Nov 2_ is cancelled by _the airline__ and automatically protected to _CZ3452__ which depart at 18:50pm and land at 22:45pm___ . Could I change CZ3452 depart date to Nov 1, 18:50pm and land at 22:45pm? It is because I've another flight from Shen Zhen to Singapore on Nov 2 at 6PM. Thank you very much. I've sent many email to but no reply. Hope you can help on this. Thanks. Regards, Nic Liew

Sep. 17,2014 11:36

Asked by Mr.yunkin (Malaysia)

e-ticket inquiry (CTD14091600210003)
i would like to follow up on my booking confirmation (CTD14091600210003) and my payment. when can i get the e-tickets? thank you
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