Flights from Samarinda to Los Angeles

Flights from Samarinda to Los Angeles

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Useful thing for your Flights from Samarinda to Los Angeles

  • There are 1 Airports in Samarinda, including Samarinda Airport . Don't forget to confirm your Samarinda airports.
  • There are almost 10 hotels for your choices when you arrival in Los Angeles.
  • There are 1 Airports in Los Angeles, including Log Angeles . Don't forget to confirm your Los Angeles airports.

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Questions & Answers


Jul. 20,2015 10:44

Asked by Mr.Wang (Canada)

China Travel Answers
I booked four tickets via the site and it's been charged (paypal). But I do not get a confirmation number. I tried calling their Beijing office and 1-888 NA numbers,both are not responsive and sounds very suspicious. Does anyone have ever speak to them via their contact numbers?

Jul. 20,2015 08:27

Asked by Mr.GEORGIA SILVA (Brazil)

Filling form to buy airline tickets
I have a question about filling form to buy airline ticket. In Brazil our passport does not have middle names. I have 3 surnames and my full name doesn't fit on the space. May I abbreviate one surname ? In my case i'd need to abbreviate 2 surnames. I am afraid to put these abbreviations (letters) as a middle name since in my passport it appears as a surname instead of a middle name. Thank you Georgia

Jul. 14,2015 23:20

Asked by Mr.Bruno (Brazil)

Never received my confirmation
Hello I bought 2 air tickets and did not receive any confirmation nor can I access online because the confirmation number or email access is not recognized. The tickets I bought were for me and my wife (Dominique) for 24/Oct/2015 from Datong (DAT) to Xi’an (XIY) leaving 10:30am and arriving 12:20pm The confirmation number is CTD15071221410034 The email I used was either or I tried sending email to with the picture of my payment confirmation screen but it came back to me as if the mailbox was full Could you help me? In my credit card, the purchase was approved. Thank you,

Jul. 02,2015 22:39

Asked by Mr.Liang (Australia)

Anonymous by choice
I wish you will not announce your members' name in your feedback listing as a respect for privacy. Or, at least, you give your members a choice whether they like to remain anonymous in their feedback,
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