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  • Guangzhou-Beijing


    Decent flight"
    The CAN airport was crowded, security checks took a while. Served food and two rounds of drinks on this 3 hr flight are great, the quality of the food is ok, noting great. The seat pitch is nice, you can actually leave your legs somewhat decent compared to Peach/HK express and other low cost airlines. Flight departed on time, nothing to complain about. The bagage claim on PEK took 30 minutes, this could be faster.

    Mr. Robert(Netherlands)

    Dec 28,2015

  • Shanghai-Beijing


    Fantastic ontime"
    Staff very coparative and understanding and it was punctual

    Mr. Abdulwalli(Kenya)

    Dec 16,2015

  • Qingdao-Shanghai


    Good price - good quality."
    Service was in a high level and the flight was really enjoyable. The stuff was kind and professional. It was on a special deal and way cheaper than other flights for the same date and time, however, it all went very well. It departed and landed on time. There is nothing bad i can say about this trip.

    Mr. Olga(Russia)

    Nov 12,2015

  • Guangzhou-Beijing


    High price, poor service"
    the aircraft is far away from airport, had to wait a long time queuing and then outside for boarding, food / beverage not good for 3+hours flight, far from screen unable to watch movie, and last but not least, I forgot my personal Bose headsets , 2000 rub value. Impossible to find someone from CZ to look after, at Beijing airport lost and found desk nobody return it, so staff cleaner or cabin crew kept it for themselves, a pity, never again CZ

    Mr. JEANPIERRE(France)

    Nov 04,2015

  • Shenzhen-Nanjing


    Great way to return home"
    I was tired but the flight was more than pleasant. Staff were very friendly and the seats were comfortable. I would be happy to fly with this airline again. Great price as well. Thanks

    Mr. Oscar(Australia)

    Dec 28,2015

  • Hefei-Chongqing


    The flight was very comfortable. We arrived at time and got soft drinks for free. The staff were nice (and good looking).

    Mr. Davvet(Norway)

    Dec 15,2015

  • Liuzhou-Beijing


    3 hours delay"
    The plane arrived from Beijing 2 hours late. Took off to Beijing 3 hours late of schedule. Waiting in the terminal Liuzhou was not very comfortable (hot weather and no A/C). Most announcements in the terminal only in Chinese.

    Mr. ENRICO(Italy)

    Nov 09,2015

  • Guangzhou-Wuhan


    I like to travel by China southern airline"
    As I am getting all my ticket from China Southern Airline, I expect them to offer me some discount specially on international travelling.

    Ms. Maryam Ghadamyari(Iran)

    Nov 02,2015

  • Nanjing-Shenzhen


    Smooth ride"
    The plane trip was vintage China Eastern Airline comfort. It departed on time, the meal was satisfying & there was ample leg room. We reached our destination early and the staff were fantastic in their service throughout the journey. Well done and I will be flying again with this airline!

    Mr. Oscar(Australia)

    Dec 28,2015

  • Hangzhou-Xiamen


    The flight was punctual. Air line staffs were hospitality welcome include on ground and by air.

    Mr. SOMCHAI(Thailand)

    Dec 01,2015

  • Beijing-Liuzhou


    Everything ok"
    Good experience. No special problems to report about this flight.

    Mr. ENRICO(Italy)

    Nov 09,2015

  • Wuhan-Guangzhou


    I like to travel by China southern airline"
    As I am getting all my ticket from China Southern Airline, I expect them to offer me some discount specially on international travelling.

    Ms. Maryam Ghadamyari(Iran)

    Nov 02,2015

  • Beijing-Shanghai


    Everything was good enough. I didnt notice great minus of the flight."
    it is very suitable as morming flight from PEKtoSHA

    Mr. PAVLO RADUKAN(Ukraine)

    Dec 17,2015

  • Guilin-Xi'an


    Good service, friendly staff"
    My family And I took this flight as part of our Vacations And overall it was excelent. Good meal, lindo service And amaysing price. Fully recomend

    Mr. Ricardo(Chile)

    Nov 26,2015

  • Xi'an-Beijing


    China Eastern"
    Everything was fine. Ticket quite cheap, flight on time, even some food during the flight.

    Mr. Dirk(Germany)

    Nov 08,2015

  • Guilin-Xi'an


    Flight didn't take off on time"
    The flight should have departed at 20:10, we departed one hour later.

    Mr. Jorge(Argentina)

    Nov 01,2015

  • 99%
  • overall satisfaction:
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