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  • 4 Days Beijing Post-Olympic Memories

    A return visit is in our future"
    Any fellow in Beijing to see the Ice and Snow Festival in Longqingxia Yanqing? Ice and Snow in Manchuria is just too cold and far for me , but nice shot to see the similar ones around Beijing. I wanna do that during New Year Holiday and email me to be my travel

    Dec 27,2007

  • 4 Days Beijing Post-Olympic Memories

    A return visit is in our future"
    It's amazing to see Beijing in full decoration for Christmas celebrations. The streets,shops,hotels and restaurants, shopping malls are decorated with Christmas trees in different styles.It is cool and trendy for local people to join the party and even go to the churches. Who knows how much they will spend on shopping and traveling in the coming Chinese New Year ! Incredible changes in China from their daily life and festival entertainment.

    Dec 27,2007

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