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  • Shanghai-Guilin


    Delay with no help or service"
    Our flight had 7 hours delay, 5 of them we had to wait at the airport the other two inside the airplane because they told us we should broad even tho it was nearly clear that we can not fly at this time because of the weather. Instead of just cancelling the flight and moving it to the next day, there was an announcement every 1h that there is a delay. No explanation why in English. They didn't even give us water until we were allowed to board. So only after 5h of waiting!

    Mr. Benedikt(Germany)

    Aug 20,2017

  • Shanghai-Beijing


    Great flight in a brand new plane."
    The plane looked brand new and the crew was very professional. Food was good and sufficient. I can only recommend this airline.

    Mr. Wolfgang(Australia)

    Aug 12,2017

  • Shanghai-Changchun


    Flight got cancelled"
    Most of the times, this flight gets cancelled. I would highly recommend not to take this flight. The Team at Chinatraveldepot was very nice and sent me a mail informing me of the cancellation of the flight. It would be a huge help for foreigners to also get a call or some rebooking assistance in case of delayed/cancelled flights.

    Mr. Keerthi(India)

    Aug 10,2017

  • Zhengzhou-Beijing


    Very good"
    Very good flight crew very friendly, flight very fast

    Mr. Giuliano(Italy)

    Aug 07,2017

  • Beijing-Hohhot


    cannot comment - flight cancelled!"
    this flight didnt take off it was cancelled, so why am i being asked for a review?

    Mr. davies(United Kingdom/Britain)

    Aug 15,2017

  • Luoyang-Beijing


    Unacceptable Delay Flight"
    We have the same experience with this flight. Another 3.5 hour delay making us nearly missing our international connection

    Mr. Chin(Australia)

    Aug 11,2017

  • Changchun-Shanghai


    Flight was delayed"
    Flight was delayed by 6 hours due to technical issues at Shanghai Airport. But it finally arrived at Changchun. Flight from Changchun was really comfortable. The flight attendants provided us something to eat and drink and were very Kind. The Overall experience could have been better but These things happen.

    Mr. Keerthi(India)

    Aug 10,2017

  • Dali-Beijing


    Delay of 7 hours!"
    There was a long delay without proper treatment and English language support

    Mr. Yariv(Israel)

    Aug 06,2017

  • Zhengzhou-Kunming


    Trip that never happened"
    We are very disappointed because we couldn't get on the flight. The airport had the wrong gate information on the departure window and we missed our flight even we arrived at the airport 3 hours before our flight. The airline agents were very unfriendly and did not want to put us on another flight unless we buy new tickets. We called many times the number of China Travel Depot but no one answered.

    Mr. George(United States/America)

    Aug 13,2017

  • Beijing-Luoyang


    Unacceptable Delay Flight"
    This flight was delayed for more than 4 hours. Could not even check in when presented at Beijing Domestic Airport. We were not contacted of any possible delay for this flight. At one stage we were informed that the flight was cancelled. Customer service provide by the airline was atrocious and most unacceptable considering we were travelling on First Class.

    Mr. Chin(Australia)

    Aug 11,2017

  • Xi'an-Guilin


    Old plane with faulty seats"
    The plane was very ild and the interior was awful. The seats did not hold up! There were various seats like this! I had to stay inclined during takeoff and landing: very dangerous!

    Mr. Antonio(Mexico)

    Aug 09,2017

  • Shanghai-Lijiang


    Comfortable and friendly"
    Everyone was very friendly and helpful all the way from check in to baggage. We had no problems even with a language barrier.

    Mr. Jeremy(United States/America)

    Aug 04,2017

  • Xi'an-Shanghai


    4 Stunden zusätzliche Wartezeit mit Kindern --> unzumutbar"
    Wenn man weiß, dass der Flug später geht, dann sollte man auch rechtzeitig eine Nachricht bekommen, um die Zeit außerhalb des Flughafens sinnvoll nutzen zu können. Das Einchecken sollte bis 45 min. vor ECHTEM Abflug möglich sein. 4 Stunden im abgesperrten Bereich bei überteuerten Preisen! Und das mit Kindern!

    Mr. Michael(Germany)

    Aug 13,2017

  • Haikou-Shanghai


    Good company"
    Even if weather conditions were not good and the flight was cancelled, they properly managed this trouble assigning a new flight the same day.

    Mr. MARIANO(Italy)

    Aug 11,2017

  • Chengdu-Kunming


    Rude flight attendants"
    There was a double standard for people. Some people were using their headphones on the flight and flight attendants let them do it. Others were using headphones on the flight and the flight attendants rudely told them to put them away. Flight crew was just a disappointment overall and not really polite during the trip

    Mr. IANPAOLO(United States/America)

    Aug 09,2017

  • Changsha-Beijing


    On-time morning flight"
    Surprisingly, China Southern Airlines was on time, especially from Changsha airport, and especially on a frequent route CSX-PEK. It's a pain to be late almost in 90% of the flights between those two cities, and especially a pain to depart from Changsha in late evening and night times. At that time, you will be delayed for 99% for sure (up to 3-5 hours are not a surprise, be lucky when your flight is not cancelled). All the flights are usually delayed from Changsha in the evening. With no reason, just because they are... I guess there are some "unexplainable" governmental reasons, or just simply overcrowded air traffic control in Chinese air.... seems like all the Chinese want to fly... I would be just curious, if there are any passenger rights, how we can claim our rights to be compensated or reimbursed due to notoriously delayed domestic flights within China. I guess nobody cares and airlines usually treat their passengers just like some "numbers".... But anyway, I was happy and fully satisfied with my morning flight. Recommendation: fly early in the morning, there is a better chance to be on-time.

    Mr. Martin(Slovakia)

    Aug 03,2017

  • 99%
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