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Chengdu and surroundings

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Caption: Chengdu and surroundings
Upload Date: 2015-03-09
Group: Chinese Memories
City: Chengdu
Photo Type: Attractions
Description: Chengdu is the county seat of the region of Sichuan. Located in the South-West of China, the rhythm of life in the city seems to slow down with comparison to the northern metropolis. At first sight, Chengdu almost looks like any other big modern city. But, beyond its skyscrapers, relaxing sightseens and gourgeous attractions can be really much enjoyed. Wangjiang Park is a meeting point for people at any age. The Wangjiang pavillon offers an amazing view on the river and looks just great, especially in the sunset light. Another hotspot in the city centre is Jinli ancient street. To take a stroll there it's really convenient, cause it offers both the chance to take a visit to the temple Wuhouci and to take a look of the several traditional shops and snack street. The symbol of Chengdu is, undoubtedly, the panda. There is a zoo in the city centre, but it is at the panda station outside town that one really has to chance to get a glimpse at the pandas in a more natural environment. A must-visit attraction in the most near town of Leshan is the Great Buddah. Its figure and size are astonishing. It's advisable to go early in the morning to catch the best view of it, as by the time it is not so crowded.
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