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Guangzhous new landmarks(2010-8-27)


Guangzhou's new landmarks

Gathering place of new landmarks

As in most Guangdong people's memories, the CBD's main thoroughfare, named "Huacheng" ("Flower City"), was once a monotonous road. Huacheng Road has now developed into a super busy road with numerous skyscrapers, including many new landmarks of Guangzhou.lajdka

The West Tower of Pearl River New Town, facing the Canton Tower across the Pearl River, was the first new landmark to be built. The West Tower was designed by Wilson Eyre Architects Associates. It appears like two thin crystals stabbing the sky, its peak submerged in the mist in foggy weather.

The East Tower, 100 meters higher than the West Tower, was designed by USA KPF. Its construction began in September 2009 and is expected to be finished in 2016.

Going eastward from the West Tower, the only park in Pearl River New Town, Pearl River Park, comes into sight. As the density and height of the Pearl River New City has been denounced, the Pearl River Park is all the more precious in the steel jungle. Completed in 2001, the park was undoubtedly built to ease the tension brought by the dense skyscrapers.

The migration of top hotel

In "Manhattan," luxury top hotels are a must. Guangzhou's top hotels were gathered around the railway station in the past before they were moved to Huanshi East Road. They are to move to the Pearl River New Town in the near future. Furthermore, the coming hotels are all international top luxury hotels, such as the Ritz Carlton, W Hotel, St. Regis, Grand Hyatt and Jumeirah Hotel. The Four Seasons Hotel has even rented the 67th to 100th floors of the West Tower, and will become one of the highest hotels in the world.

From sports ground of Asian Games to open-air theatre

The opening and closing ceremony of the Asian Games will be held on Haixinsha Island, which is located in the south of the Pearl River New Town. The island's sports facilities will be rebuilt into the biggest open-air theatre in Guangzhou as planned. The island will also add top restaurants and bars. Haixinsha Island, which was less popular in the past, will become a cultural center with music halls, galleries and many other casual sites.

Guangzhou Grand Theatre: a miracle of architecture

The Grand Theatre was designed by the famous architect Zaha Hadid, a British-Israeli. Her award-winning ideas are rarely made into reality as her futuristic designs are very difficult to build. The Grand Theatre was the first "truly complete work" in Asia. This feat also surprised the architecture field. The building cost 1.38 billion yuan, or 200 million U.S. dollars, and took six years to complete.

The New Guangdong Museum——an antique lacquer box

Covering an area of 66,980 square meters, the museum is located by the north bank of the Pearl River. This new and highly anticipated museum was opened on May 18, 2010, just in time for International Museum Day.

The new museum resembles an antique Chinese lacquer box, in which precious objects are collected. This perfectly echoes the function of the museum, which keeps and displays important historical cultural artifacts of the Guangdong area. The five-story building houses four large exhibition halls with a collection of over 130,000 objects. The building also features a traditional Chinese courtyard motif, organized in a series of layered spaces.

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