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Train Shuttle Between Hong Kong and Guangzhou




Many travelers arrive from HongKong to mainland China will take train from HongKong to Guangzhou directly. The Kowloon-Canton (guangzhou) Railway runs between Hung Hom in Kowloon and then Shenzhen city , Dongguan city of Guangdong Province and reach at Guangzhou East Railway Station, linking mainland China to Hong Kong. The whole journey will take about 2 hours.Traveling by train is a good alternative for casual budget-conscious travelers as the train ticket price is one-third that of an air ticket.
Hong Kong-Guangzhou Train Timetable
 The Hung Hom train station

The Hung Hom train station, also called Hung Hom KCR station, is the terminus for rail travel into Mainland China, it located in Kowloon area of HongKong, has a variety of stores. The Metropolis Mall is a shopping centre located beside the Hung Hom KCR Station.

 The Guangzhou east railway station

The Guangzhou east railway station located in Guangzhou downtown area, in the heart of Tianhe district. Convenient to most places and hotels in Guangzhou downtown. It is the mainly for the HK(kowloon) to Guangzhou train terminal, meanwhile for some domestic train between Guangzhou and other cities in mainland China.

 The Guangzhou railway station
This is one of the biggest train station in China, but it is mainly for domestic trains between Guangzhou and other cities in mainland China. Generally, most foreigners using air planes for traveling between cities inside china mainland, strangers may feel confused at China's domestic train stations without guide.

 The Shenzhen railway station
Shenzhen railway station located in Shenzhen downtown area, Luohu district. There are trains from here directly to HongKong and also trains directly to Guangzhou city(Guangzhou east railway station), as well as trains between Shenzhen and other cities in China.
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