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Air China Lines has been increased to 23 From China to Europe


Air China 841 landed successfully in Vienna at 6:10 on 5th, May, and then arrived at Barcelona at 9:25 local time. It marked CA’s success of the first trip of Beijing -Vienna -Barcelona.

It is reported that the flight from Beijing - Vienna -Baecelona is CA841/2, which flies every Mondy, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, all together four flights per week. This airline is aviated by CA wide-body airbus 330-300. The business cabin is equipped with seats which is flat enough for sitting and sleeping. The super economical cabin owns 20percent more room for putting legs and cheaper mileage prices compared with the ordianry one. Seats in economical cabin applies the theory of ergonomics, so it can reduce travel fatigue effectively, and the whole cabin is equipped with individual entertainment system. At present, CA peovides around 100 flights between China and Europe, which fly to the main cities such as London, Paris, Frankfurt, Roman, Moscow and Madrid, ect. The open of the the flight from Beijing - Vienna – Baecelona makes number of the airlines from China to Europe go up to 23, and all these airlines can arrive at 19 main cities in Europe. 

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