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Things You Do in Yangshuo


A lot of Chinese locals had a dream about Yangshuo. Guilin’s scenery is the best in the world, and Yangshuo’s scenery is the best in Guilin. In that time, the   xanada maybe just this style.

No. 1 Drifting in Yulong   river, the best part is upstream because of fewer people and more beautiful scenery. And eat beer fish and stuffed escargot in Jiu country.

No.2 Riding bamboo raft, and go to the western street in the night. And go to see

No. 3 Guilin is very fit for DIY tour, the best season is summer, in the wet period. Blowing the wind in the Jiefang  bridge, watching the boat in the Li river. It is a little waste of time in the downtown area, the country seats  nearly are recommended. The Dayu  ancient country, xingping ancient country, lingqu   water street are all beautiful. If you like climbing you must go to the gudong waterfall.  。

No.4 If you go in the March or April you can see the conala flower in the Yangshuo country. Electric cycle is a good choice, and fit for longer trip. In that time, the people is few and scenery is beantiful.

No.5 If you hiking, along the xingping  country and down  to the li river. The best part is pingxing and jiuhuama mountain.

No.6 If you are going to cycling,along the yulong river or the moon mountain, the shili gallery can not be missing.

Li river

Drifting the boat from gold dragon bridge to Jiu  country swaying along the clear water and green leaves.A group of ducks swimming in the river,and sometimes a farmer passed by with a yellow bull.Th beautiful scenery along the river never changed,the beautiful scenery had aroused so much  memory of people.



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