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Go backpacking inChangbai Mountain


After June coming, the sun becomes scorching hot in most of China, while northeast of the country is still pretty cool. You will get cheerful while walking along wetlands and watching the typical scenery in the North.

    Changbai Mountain is the most beautiful during the end of June and mid-October when the season of the mountain changes from summer to autumn. A large number of plants begin growing slowly and gradually covering Changbai Mountain at the end of June. At this time, you can enjoy the beauty of the wild even if you are not visiting traditional attractions or joining others.

Things must do in Changbai  1、See the flowers all over the mountains


   It seems splendid when all kinds of flowers of middle-mountain and alpine region bloom and lie in the meadow like the stars make up the magnificent Milky Way. Alpine Garden and Iris Garden on the western slope is also fantastic in June. You can see many attractive flowers in the forests at the foot of mountain, along the cliff path and besides the river. They show the energy of life and the unique beauty of Changbai.

Places to admire the beauty of flowers:

    Alpine Garden: the hanging garden on the western slope, also called Paradise Garden has a collection of alpine vegetation. As summer comes, the whole mountain is covered with colorful flowers. 2、Iris Garden: the area of the garden is not very large. Irises are distributed throughout a valley which is surrounded by the mountain; it seems like a blue diamond in the forest. 3、Find an unnamed garden by yourself: flowers are all around the corner in Changbai during July and August, so discover all lovely flowers by your own eyes.

Things must do in Changbai  2、admire the magnificent beauty of Tianchi


  Tianchi is at the top of volcanic cone which is in Changbai mountain’s main peak, and it can be seen from all directions except east. As it is the most famous and spectacular scene, tourists must visit it when they go to the mountain. In winter, the water may freeze. However, in summer when the water melt, it is really clear and blue, shining and quiet.


    You have to walk about thousands of steps, so remember to wear a pair of comfortable sports shoes.  2、Take some warm clothes because the wind is strong.  3、Please do not chase each other, as the path to Tianchi is narrow.

Things must do in Changbai  3、walk on the viaduct in forests

    There are many viaducts in the forest, and Paradise Garden, Iris Garden and volcano valley also have long viaducts. Sometimes you can be surprised to find a viaduct in your hotel. To enjoy the nature, you had better go to walk, ride or jog on the viaduct. More importantly, Negative oxygen ion in the air is helpful to your lungs.

    All kinds of plants, flowers, and trees along the viaduct could help get more knowledge, so do not miss such a good chance to teach your children something about botany if you are with them.

Things must do in Changbai  4、explore volcano valley in Changbai mountain

    To explore the valley, it is a good idea to walk along viaducts in the forest, stand on the observation deck and observe the valley which looks like being cut by an ax. It is not strange that you can imagine the impressive volcanic explosion that happened several years ago. I promise you will appreciate the magic of nature.

    Among all inhabitant in the forest, the most lovely resident must be the squirrel. Supposing you are lucky enough, you may see them jumping in the tree. They are not afraid of human beings. If people give them some peanuts and nutlets, they will run forward, having the food and giving a symbolic greeting.

Things must do in Changbai  5、admire the landscape in a hot air balloon

    No one will object the opinion that the hot air ballon is one of the most lovely thing on the earth. Visibility is high when the weather is good. At this time, why not take the ballon and rise up slowly into the air? Then you can see the building getting smaller and smaller slowly. Many people think it is a good experience to see the forest and mountain from a totally different angle. Changbai mountain may be the place where many people sit in the hot air ballon for the first time.

Things must do in Changbai  6、get comfortable in the hot spring

The hot spring of Changbai mountain is called Divine Water because there are lots of hydrogen sulfide and many trace elements which is helpful to treat intestinal tract disease, skin disease, hypertension, heart disease and gynecopathy. Changbai hot spring belongs to volcanic hot spring , and most of water’s temperature is above 60℃, even some is 82℃. As you can see, it is really an ideal place to bathe and convalesce.

The best way to enjoy a hot spring is to choose a hotel with a hot spring so that you can enjoy it in the hotel which is convenient and healthy.

Things must do in Changbai  7、watch the most beautiful birches

    The beauty of birches lies in its tall and straight and the lenticels on the white trunk which looks like eyes. The sound of leaves is just like a song of forest as the wind start. There is a large number of trees and the number of people is small. As a result, you can enjoy the nature quietly and take photos.

    Though they look the same, every single birch has its features.

    Places you can find birches: generally, lower hills have more birches. Remember to protect yourself from mosquitoes and not to walk too far from main street lest you should get lost.

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