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Guangxi Longji Terrace named one of "China Top Ten Beauty Terrace”


Ministry of agriculture has announced the beautiful pastoral list of China. Longji Terrace of Longsheng autonomous county, Guilin, Guangxi named as one of the ten landscape terrace of "China's Beautiful Pastoral". It is understood that Longji Terrace also become the only one landscape that be honored in the autonomous region.

In 2013, the agriculture department launched a number of marketing activities mainly of "China's Beautiful Pastoral" to introduce unique farming landscape. The activities centered on the goal of "cultivate well-known brands, the types of rich development, increase agricultural comprehensive benefits", after local recommendation, Internet voting, expert review and online publicity, a number of farming landscape with beautiful environment, large scale, scenic, features and popularity has been identified.

Longji terrace landscape is located in Longji town of Longsheng autonomous county Guilin, built in Yuan dynasty, formed in Ming dynasty, completed in early Qing dynasty, having a history of nearly 700 years. The terrace is spectacular and grandiose, assembling the cream of the shapes of terrace in the world. It can be said to be a "world art".

In recent years, Longji terrace relies on its large scale and good ecological resources, making bigger and stronger photography, gradually starting its culture brand influence. For a long time, farmers are actively guided to protect the main scenic spot of terrace and cultivation, to attract more and more tourists and photography fans to come to sightseeing, to achieve the transformation from "farm" to "sightseeing". The Longji terrace succeeded to be named as "China's top ten rural beauty" this time. It will further improve national awareness of Longji terrace, publicity influence and enhance the new cultural tourism image of Longsheng. Click here to book the tour now. 

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