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Guilin Airport will implement Wifi full coverage project


With the rapid growth of transport production and continually increasing flights in Guilin Airport, the existing wireless network is unable to meet the urgent demand of Guilin Airport’s product operation and development. To comprehensively improve the service quality of Guilin Airport and enhance the image of international window, Guilin Airport plans to implement Wifi full coverage project.

After meticulous and comprehensive preparatory work, all the project preparations are ready now; construction personnels are trained and the Wifi full coverage project is ready to go.

After completion, it will cover all the business in need within the airport and 95% coverage areas’ signal strength will outweigh -65dB and it can supply 1500 user requests simultaneously. The Wifi full coverage project provides seamless wireless network facilities to all the entry and exit travelers, and thoroughly improves the service quality and level of Guilin Airport

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