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Top 10 Towns to visit in Tibet

10 Jun 2014
Go to Tibet, in addition to Lhasa, Namtso and Yamdrok, you still have a lot of places worth a visit. The most beautiful scenery is on the way, the next introduced is 10 beautiful towns in Tibet tour.
Nyingchi is called Jiangnan of Tibet, famous throughout the world for the world's deepest canyon - Brahmaputra waters valley. Located in the eastern Tibet, the average elevation is 3100 meters, and its landscape is different from other parts of Tibet.
Daocheng is located in southwest Sichuan, in the southeast of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau Hengduan mountains. Daocheng have special geography and topography, and there are broad pastures, gurgling streams, the scenery is spectacular, very fascinating.
Chayu, located in the southeast of Tibetan plateau, there are many rivers and rainfall, so Chayu is also known as "water". There are fertile plains, with layers of terraced fields, due to the special geographic conditions, all kinds of fruits and vegetables and rice can be grown here, Tibet Everest tea is first cultivated here.
Bomi is located in southeastern Tibet. The snowy mountains and lakes are attractive, it is the largest Marine type - the birthplace of the late glacial ice.
Litang, means fascine dam as flat as a mirror in Tibetan language, named after the vast prairie. This piece out, the spirit of "holy land" bred the rich ethnic customs, cultural and natural landscape. Litang is the epitome of the Tibetan, nomadic tribes in the final on this blue planet, they appeal to tourists.
Danba, known as the "the Peach Garden hidden deep in the Hengduan mountains", it is 368 km from Chengdu, is the center of the rgyalrong amorous feelings of Tibetan culture. Here mountain towering columns, canyon, the river rushing, forested, prairie vast, together with many glaciers, lakes, hot springs, such as organically formed unique danba, majestic, beautiful natural landscape.
MiLinXian is located in the eastern Tibet mountain valley area, an average elevation of 3700 meters. Advantageous geographical location, many mountains and rivers, complex landform, constitutes a spectacular natural landscape.
Metog is the only county having no roads across the country so far. Everywhere is beautiful scenery, the vegetation coverage above 80%, and the Tibetan mainly distributed in the virgin forest. In the Tibetan buddhist classics is known as the "lotus" holy land, is known as the Tibetan "Xishuangbanna", is zoologists, botanists and explorers of longing.
Under the snow mountain scenery, surrounded by piton, Xuefeng is formed by weathering of gravel and sand accumulation, ups and downs and orderly, ravines crossbar. Marine monsoon over the Himalayas from the bay of Bengal to blow here, formatting the rare humid climate in Qinghai-Tibet plateau.
Yadong, means "spiral valley" or "torrent valley" in Tibetan language. Sikkim, Bhutan in the east, front is only 80 km from India GaLun fort, south Tibet's real portal.

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