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Different Tibet Tours

04 Apr 2014

There are a lot of must sees in Tibet Tour. For example: the Potala Palace (Lhasa).Located about on a small hill 2 kilometers away from Lhasa, Potala Palace is very important Tibetan Buddhism symbol in local people’s heart, like Goddess of Mercy who’s in Putuo Mountain. Potala means Potuo in Tibetan language. Potala Place is also called the Second Putuo Mountain.There are also good place in Shigatse. Tashilhunpo in Shigatse is Monastery of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism Chinese temple in Lhasa, Tibet.It is under the foot of Niseri Mountain .Its full name is Jide Qin Qu Tang Lin. It is the largest temple in Shigatse. Normal toursits follow the classic attractions with the tour guide's leading. A lot of devout believers choose to go to visit mountains in Tibet this Horse year. It is said to be a way to resolve the pains in the eyes of pilgrims. From all the miracle interests in Tibet tour, people say that's a unbelievable field. Travel can be passionate and creative. There is always a different way to do everything.

A Chinese man named Mr. Luobinhong from Luzhou run to Lhasa from Chengdu. It takes 48 days of running, but he persists every single day. During the trip, he passes the long distance of 2,200 kilometers. He isn't alone, but with a companion TT, the dog. Running is his favorite sport. Years ago, Mr. Luo rode a bike going to Lhasa many times. At that time, the thought of running has been deeply injected in to his heart. Now he did it. This running trip starts from Dragon Boat Festival of 2013. The whole trip takes 51 days with 3 days refreshing. Some day, Mr. Luo runs over 50 kilometers. Usually he needs to go for 40 kilometers. When he finally arrives at the Potala Palace, he knelt down and prayed for all the long way. He kowtowed three times to thank you for the journey that makes him more strong and determined. It's the end of the past but the beginning of future. Mr. Luo will go to his dream and run for bigger goals.  He continue the running trip on Dec. 15, 2014,  going to Katmandu. It is a very hard journey to run in the winter of plateau. The coldness is extremely cruel. Each day, Mr. Luo need to wait until 10am to start. And at night, he has nowhere to go. After 28 days, he finally get to Katmandu. That’s 1,230 kilometers. Even after he met dangers and different which we cannot image. His sport is still going on. Mr. Luo tells the report his next goal is Route 66 in the United States. 

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