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New Trains to Lhasa from Shijiazhuang in 2014

12 Mar 2014
Many people go to Lhasa choose to take trains from Beijing. In the May of 2014, Shijiazhuang, a city very close to Beijing will start a series of new trains to Lhasa. Travelers in Hebei don’t need to start the journey from Beijing anymore. This also provides more chances and availabilities for surrounding travelers in China north to plan your Tibet tour.
The new trains will partially resolve the difficulties of getting a ticket to Lhasa. Why tickets to Lhasa are so popular and hot? Because a train trip to Lhasa fulfill their beautiful imagines of Tibetan Plateau. People love to enjoy the alongside landscapes. For long times, the route to Lhasa is worshipped by travelers as Road to Heaven, the roof of the world.
Lhasa is a hot destination especially in summer. This year is the Chinese horse year. Increasing customers want to go on a trip to a pilgrimage around Meili Mountain like many Tibetans. Students may also plan the Lhasa trip for their graduation tour.
The route from Shijiazhuang to Lhasa is applied by Shijiazhuang Railway station. The estimate open time is around between May 9 and May 28. The specific ranks of train will be decided by the future travel needs of local registration numbers.

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