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Lhasa Cars Rental

China Travel Depot offers discount 0 Cars Rental Service in Lhasa. We can help you make the most of your trip with a discount car rental including Cars/Limo, MPV/Mini Van, Mini Bus/Bus in major China cities.

Service: With guide Without guide
Car size: All Car (5 seats) Suv/Mini Van(6-19 seats) Bus (20 seats+)
Car class: All Economy Luxury

Questions & Answers


Oct. 03,2017 16:22

Asked by Ms.Tan (Malaysia)

1 day car rental with driver from Chongqing city to Fengdu Ghost City to Wulong
We have 8 paxs in a group. Would like to know how much renting a car for 1 day with driver, pick up fm Chongqing city to Fengdu & then to Wulong? We are planning our trip during off peak seasons. Thanks.
Source: China Cars

Oct. 01,2017 02:21

Asked by Mr.choo (Malaysia)

rent a car
How much to rent a car with driver from 27 to 28 Nov 2017
Source: China Cars
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