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Go to See Hong Kong’s Top 5 Scenic Spots

06 May 2014

Hong Kong is a international metropolis which is famous around the world. Hong Kong is the third financial center in the world which follows London and New York, and it is called Niu Lun Gang with New York and London. Known as Pearl of the Orient, the shopping paradise and the center of motion, its scenic spots like Victoria Harbor, Disneyland, and the ocean park attract thousands of tourists all around the world.


Top 1 The Peak.

The Peak of Taiping Mountain is also called the peak, which is located in the west of Hong Kong. With an altitude of 554 meters, it is the highest peak in Hong Kong. If you want to visit the Taiping Mountain, you can take a bus twist up to the peak. However, more tourists like taking the cable car, because the cable car is fast and at the same time you can enjoy the scenery all along the trip.  

The night scene of Hong Kong

Looking around in the Taiping peak when it gets dark, shined upon by various lights, the Hong Kong Island and Kowloon are just like two jewels inserted in the Victory Harbor, adding to each other's splendor. In the Central district, the centers of Hong Kong, there are countless high buildings which show Hong Kong’s prosperity. Therefore, the Taiping Mountain becomes the best place of viewing the night scene of this Pearl of the Orient, and it is called one of the three world night scenes together with Japan’s Hakodate and Italy’s Naples. With its unique geographical conditions and human landscape, Taiping Mountain attracts thousands of tourists all around the world, and it becomes a must-see attractions of Hong Kong.

We suggest that tourists should head to the peak in the afternoon, and then visit the exhibition at dusk, at last enjoy the night scene of Hong Kong.

Although taking a cable car is the fastest way to get to the peak , we suggests taking a sightseeing bus so that you can enjoy the scenery behind you and then take a  cable car when you go downhill.


TOP 2 Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland locates Lantau Island Penny’s Bay, and covers an area of 126 hectares. It back to the north Lantau Island and face to the Penny's Bay. Hong Kong Disneyland locates is the fifth park which was built as the model of Disneyland , and it is the eleventh theme park in the world , and China’s first Disney theme park.

Hong Kong Disneyland is built and developed by The Walt Disney Company and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Its development projects conclude a theme park with Disneyland style, two hotels and various shopping, food and entertainment facilities. Now there are Main Street U.S.A, Tomorrow land, Adventure land and Fantasyland in the theme park. Two hotels will be built in the park soon: victory style Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland Hollywood hotel and 1000 rooms will be provided.

The tourist can share their enjoyments in this fantastic kingdom. They can find their favorite Disneyland figures in the park, experience the trip of Asian and African virgin forest in the Adventure land, try to have space illusion filled with Science fiction and disordered reality in the Tomorrow land, and you also can hold a wedding ceremony of Disneyland style in the hotels and feel the charm of the gold age from1930s to 1940s. The tourists can enjoy all kinds of food of Asia in the park.

Other than Chinese food and western food, Disneyland has other delicious food of Asia, like desserts, Hong Kong’s unique food and many authentic Chinese food, etc.


TOP 3 Ocean Park

Ocean Park is the biggest consumption and leisure center of oceanic theme in Southeast Asia.  Ocean Park locates beside the mountain and sea, and it covers an area of 215 hectares. It has oceanic wonders and entertainment facilities, and it is the best cum place for Hong Kong citizens to consume and entertain, and a must seeing spot for tourists from mainland and foreign countries which receive more than 3.2 million tourists.

The tourists can take the cable car and inside escalators to visit all the spots in the park, and if you take the ocean ferries wheel you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of China Sea. There are wonderful presentations of dolphins and sea lions, which wins tourists’ praise. In addition, you can view he seals and penguins, visit the dwellings of birds, goldfishes, sharks and butterflies. There are some exciting programs like Roller Coaster, huge ferries wheel, and windsurfing ship. Children can play in the amusement park.

The marine museum, which focuses on Indian pacific coral reef, is a must seeing spot of tourists. There are more than 2600 fishes of more than 200 types are raised by breeders.

There are 4 floors in the marine museum and divided by glass, which will make tourist feel stay in the bottom of the sea.


TOP 4 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, located along the seaside in Wanzai, is a majestic landmark composed of two buildings. The old one was built in 1988 and the new one was expanded in 1997. The appearance of the new one focus on the design of streamlined cover. It looks like a great hawk spreading its wings, and it becomes a sign of Wanzai Sea. Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center is the first choice of holding international convention and exhibition.


TOP 5 Repulse Bay

The coastline of south Hong Kong Island is winding so it owns lot of beautiful beaches. The Repulse Bay, located in the south of Hong Kong Island, is the most typical beach of Hong Kong. The water is clear and the sand is smooth, the beach is long and wide, and the wave is peace. Summer is the liveliest time during all the year. In summer, a crowd of tourists come here and enjoy the sunbath or swimming. There are numerous people on the beach, and various kinds of swimsuit compose a colorful picture.

In the shadow of the eastern Repulse Bay, is a Kwun Yam Shrine filled with religious color.

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