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Hong Kong Cars Rental,Bus (20 seats+),Without guide

China Travel Depot offers discount 42 Cars Rental Service in Hong Kong, including 12 Airport Transfer Service in Hong Kong, 12 Train Station Transfer Service in Hong Kong, 18 City Car Rental Service in Hong Kong. We can help you make the most of your trip with a discount car rental including Cars/Limo, MPV/Mini Van, Mini Bus/Bus in major China cities.

Service: With guide Without guide
Car size: All Car (5 seats) Suv/Mini Van(6-19 seats) Bus (20 seats+)
Car class: All Economy Luxury

Questions & Answers


Jan. 23,2015 14:57

Asked by Mr.Rizki Hartoo (Indonesia)

Bus for 20 person in hongkong
I have a group of 20 person that will be arrived in hongkong on 18 february 2015.i would like to rent a bus that can fit my group to pick us up at the airport and give a day tour in hongkong and for end of destionation will be our hotel. please give the price details thank you
Source: China Cars

Jan. 23,2015 14:54

Asked by Mr.Rizki Hartono (Indonesia)

Bus Rental for 20 Person
I have a group of 20 person (15 adults,4children,1 infant) on 18 February 2015 will arrived at Hongkong at 6 AM. i would like a bus that can fit my group to pick us up at the airport and give us a tour in Hong kong for a day and for the end of destination will be our hotel. Could you please give me the price details? Thank you
Source: China Cars
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