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Great food in Hangzhou Tour

23 Apr 2014

When it comes to Hangzhou, the first thing to mention is the beautiful landscape. Besides the fairyland Westlake and pretty girls in Hangzhou, Hangzhou cuisine is also very appealing. Check out what you can enjoy in your Hangzhou tour.

No. 1 the Grandma's Hangzhou home-cooking Restaurant.
The Grandma's is the most popular local restaurant in Hangzhou. The prices of dishes are very competitive. There are over 20 branch stores in Hangzhou area. There are long queues all the time in the lunch and dinner times. So little tip if you want to try this restaurant: You must go earlier! What can you have at this famous place? Longjing prawns, "West Lake",sweet-and-sour fish,Dongpo's pork and Mapo Tofu etc. It costs only CNY3 to order the tofu dish.
No. 2 Huijuan Noodle House
If you are ever in Hangzhou, you cannot leave without tasting Hangzhou noodles. The reason why people go to Huijuan Noodle House is because that the noodles there have wonderful soup and abundant material. Many visitors from Shanghai even the movie starts go there. It is a simple shop but is very nice to customers. The specialties are Shrimp and eel noodle and Hangzhou Soup noodle. The Hangzhou soup noodle is the traditional best-seller. It has pickled cabbage, bamboo shoot and shredded meat.
No. 3 Snack Street - Qinghefang
After having lunch and meals, if you want to taste Hangzhou special snacks, you should visit the Qinghefang. The street is very bustling. The street is built in Song Dynasty style. It will take your feeling to the ancient China. Good food is all along the street. Pan-Fried Baozi is very crisp and delivious. The Bazibati doughnuts are both good on the outside and amazing on the inside. Dragon's beard candy will also attract your lover for candy.
Not only above food you can upgrade the lunch to have in our Hangzhou tours, but also you can also dig more things on a visit to Hangzhou Cuisine Museum.

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