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Sanya Flight Reviews

  • Beijing-Sanya
  • "Half an hour delay at departure"
  • The flight was delayed half an hour at departure but arrived only a few minutes later than schedued. The baggage delivery at Sanya airport was very slow
  • 67223th review of Sanya Hotels
  • Mr. Valentino
  • Oct.13, 2018
  • Sanya-Beijing
  • "Airlines ok"
  • Plan was comfortable but it wasn’t good food.Crew profesional speaking good english.Flight was good.
  • 67170th review of Sanya Hotels
  • Mr. MarcinIgor
  • Aug.14, 2018
  • Guilin-Sanya
  • "Good flight"
  • Everything it was Ok , plane Ok,I recomanded this airlines,Beautiful crew women, Spears diod english
  • 67167th review of Sanya Hotels
  • Mr. MarcinIgor
  • Aug.09, 2018
  • Sanya-Wuxi
  • "agency always responded with kindness"
  • However, the travel agency helped change the schedule of the tickets it reserved, and quickly. The travel agency is the best. Though the return schedule was changed twice, the travel agency always responded with kindness and speed to get home safely.
  • 67158th review of Sanya Hotels
  • Jul.24, 2018
  • Wuxi-Sanya
  • "4 hours delayed on departure due to typhoon and weather, and 3 hours delayed on return."
  • There was no explanation for the delay at the time of departure. The plane had already arrived four hours ago, but the airline did not have a full explanation as to why it did not leave. They gathered the passengers for Sanya and started at noon. Because the flight at 8:00 in the morning has fewer passengers, I think it left at 12 including the schedule of the three airlines. Maybe I misunderstood. However, the trip was a short three-day trip, which was spent on departure and return. It was the worst.
  • 67157th review of Sanya Hotels
  • Jul.24, 2018
  • Beijing-Sanya
  • "Incredible delay,big damage for me"
  • The flight was delayed 2 hours, then I miss the last train at destination ad I had to stay overnight to wait to the earliest train the day after. A big waste of time and money
  • 67154th review of Sanya Hotels
  • Mr. Valentino
  • Jul.20, 2018
  • Sanya-Beijing
  • "I recommended"
  • Its comfortable, the staff is friendly and food was good
  • 67131th review of Sanya Hotels
  • Ms. Marisa
  • Jun.12, 2018
  • Sanya-Chengdu
  • "Fine"
  • We left on time and landed a bit early. No complaints.
  • 66990th review of Sanya Hotels
  • Mr. Robert Leitner
  • Jan.19, 2018
  • Chengdu-Sanya
  • "Fine"
  • I'd didn't love the time of the flight, but we left on time, so no complaints really.
  • 66989th review of Sanya Hotels
  • Mr. Robert Leitner
  • Jan.19, 2018
  • Sanya-Shenzhen
  • "Poor experience - flight delayed and shady hotel provided"
  • The flight itself was ok for domestic china standard, it was a short flight anyways. However, on the flight back from Sanya, the flight was delayed by more than 4 hours - during which we were packed into coaches and sent to a very shady hotel - bugs in the room, no working air-conditioning and absolutely zero English speaking staff. We were then woken up at 3AM to be sent back to the airport and leave to Shenzhen. Would not fly Shenzhen airlines again.
  • 66729th review of Sanya Hotels
  • Mr. Valentin
  • Jul.05, 2017

Best Sanya Flights Deal


Sana, The China's Hawaii, offer China's best Sunshine and Water, Besides, it offers plenty of duty free commodities, go there and have fund!

Yalong Bay, a 7.5 kilometres (4.7 mi) major tourist beach located east of Sanya City. Other two bays are  Dadonghai and Sanya Bay
Tianya Haijiao
(The ends of the earth and the corners of the sea)
Deer Turning Head Park  - A park containing a large stone statue above Sanya harbour telling the story of a hunter pursuing a deer to an isolated headland near the sea. When the deer could not escape, it turned to look at the hunter and became a beautiful woman. The hunter could not kill the deer and instead fell in love with her. Luhuitou is a place for lovers; many people leave a padlock on a chain at the top of the mountain in the hope that their love will last as long as the lock remains.
Phoenix Island, an artificial archipelago resort currently under construction in Sanya Bay.
Wuzhizhou Island.
West Island.
Daxiao Dongtian (Fairy Caves).
The Tiger and Crocodile centre.

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