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Chengdu Flight Reviews

  • Chengdu-Beijing
  • "Great flight with decent neck support on back of seats."
  • Although the seats are very upright, they recline easily and are comfortable. More padding on the neck than other airlines I've flown, and they almost hold your head in place for rest. Good service and good food.
  • 66817th review of Chengdu Hotels
  • Mr. Robin
  • Sep.19, 2017
  • Beijing-Chengdu
  • "Enjoyed the flight and the food very much, great experience."
  • I enjoyed the flight, which was a little turbulent but uneventful. The food was great, especially the noodles and the potato! Note to travelers that the flight attendants don't allow mobile phones to be used as entertainment devices during the flight and also don't permit passengers to use headphones with the inflight entertainment options as the flight begins landing. They seem to be very strict on this rule for unexplained reasons. The inflight entertainment options are up to date and worthwhile.
  • 66816th review of Chengdu Hotels
  • Mr. Robin
  • Sep.19, 2017
  • Chengdu-Guangzhou
  • "Great service and confortable"
  • My experience with Air China was very positiv, eventhough the flight started late due to a stormy weather. The staff has been friendly and helpfull and the drinks and snacks provided were tasty. Can absolutely recommend this airline and chinatraveldepot.
  • 66810th review of Chengdu Hotels
  • Mr. Jonathan
  • Sep.15, 2017
  • Chengdu-Shanghai
  • "could be better"
  • our filgh was cancel 3 hours before leave, we arrived arrive airport when we recived email about flight cancel. airchina not give us any information or good opcions. we wait in the airport with 3 kids till 2am to take other filgh
  • 66782th review of Chengdu Hotels
  • Mr. dolors
  • Aug.22, 2017
  • Chengdu-Kunming
  • "Rude flight attendants"
  • There was a double standard for people. Some people were using their headphones on the flight and flight attendants let them do it. Others were using headphones on the flight and the flight attendants rudely told them to put them away. Flight crew was just a disappointment overall and not really polite during the trip
  • 66769th review of Chengdu Hotels
  • Aug.09, 2017
  • Chengdu-Shenzhen
  • "Delayed for 2 hours"
  • The flight was delay for two hours. But I will still choose china southern airlines, just make me feel more safe to travel.
  • 66762th review of Chengdu Hotels
  • Mr. Reuben
  • Jul.31, 2017
  • Chengdu-Shanghai
  • "A very pleasant crew!"
  • It was very surprising to encounter a great crew onboard! Definitely will recommend to my business partners!!!
  • 66754th review of Chengdu Hotels
  • Mr. IvamCarlos
  • Jul.25, 2017
  • Guangzhou-Chengdu
  • "NO notice"
  • I can't believe the flight got cancel and we did not get any notice....
  • 66740th review of Chengdu Hotels
  • Mr. Li
  • Jul.12, 2017
  • Lanzhou-Chengdu
  • Crews are friendly right from the Check-in to smooth landing, although in rain. China Eastern is one of the safest airlines in the world.
  • 66734th review of Chengdu Hotels
  • Mr. MuhdEmranBin
  • Jul.07, 2017
  • Shenzhen-Chengdu
  • "very happy service"
  • loved everything and.was easy to get to hong kong to travel
  • 66691th review of Chengdu Hotels
  • Mr. Emma
  • Jun.07, 2017

Chengdu 72 hours visa free transit Travel Tips


-Best Travel Time in Chengdu

Chengdu enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate characterized by an early spring, hot summer, cool autumn and warm winter. The average annual temperature for the year is 16 degree Celsius.

The distinctive characteristic of Chengdu weather is fog and humidity. There are fewer hours of sunlight per day, and the summer is hotter and the winter is colder than the temperature shows. The rainy season is usually in July and August, with occasional storms. Thus, the best time to pay a visit is March to June and September to November.


-Must sees

China Lane

China Lane is located at the west of Chengdu Xishu Avenue, the total length of 500m. It is a famous street with unique ancient Chengdu residence characteristics.

China Lane is a legacy of the Qing dynasty ancient streets in Chengdu and has always been known as”The three legal protection for historic blocks of Chengdu ” with Daci Temple and Wenshu Temple. Many ancient art and culture which have already or will be lost are shown here, such as Shu embroidery, Sichuan Silk Brocade, Bamboo weaving and lacquer ware. Besides, there are lots of distinctive memorials, old galleries, teahouses and theatres and some prominent artists and cultural celebrities would be invented to engage in creation here.


Wuhou Temple

Chengdu Wuhou Temple is located in South Gate Wuhou Temple Street. It is an ancestral temple to commemorate Zhuge Liang, the prime minister of Shu in Three Kingdom era.

Wuhou Temple is the only one where people sacrifice the king and minister together in China and the memorial place of the most prestigious Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei and Shu Han heros. It is also the Three Kingdoms site museum which has the biggest impact all over the world.

Now the temple is divided into three areas: heritage area, garden area and Jinli. The whole temple face south and the five structures of the main building were strictly aligned along the central axis from south to north, including the front door, the second door, Zhaolie Temple of Han, the hall and Wuhou Temple.

Jinli Old Street

As a part of Wuhou Temple, Jinli Old Street has become a famous commercial pedestrian street and was called “the first street in West-Shu”.

The Late Qing and Early Republic architectural style of the antique buildings contains the Three Kingdoms Culture and Sichuan traditional folk culture. The layout of the street is ordered and rigorous. All the Bars and entertainments establishments, Sichuan famous food courts, the mansion and inn districts and tourist handcrafts exhibition area form a patchwork pattern.



Dufu Cottage

Dufu Cottage is also known as Huanhua Cottage, Gongbu Cottage and Shaoling Cottage, which is located beside the Huanhua Stream in the western suburbs in Chengdu. And now, it is the Chengdu Dufu Cottage museum to commemorate Du Fu, the great realistic poet in Tang Dynasty.
Dufu Cottage is the residence when Du Fu roved to Chengdu, and was reconstructed and preserved by future generations.



Dujiangyan is not only a grand hydraulic project on the Minjiang River, but also a scenic region which is famous for its beautiful scenery and numerous historical sites and cultural relics. It is the only ancient water conservancy project existed in the world with the longest history. That is why this project also enjoys the fame of "the Originator of the water conservancy culture".


According to the information above, we select some classic Chengdu tours for all the 72 hours visa-free transit visitors, which will help you to learn about Chengdu as soon as possible:

1\Chengdu Classic One Day City Tour


2\Sanxingdui Museum Tour & Chengdu City View


3\One Day Tour to Dujiangyan and Mt.Qingcheng


4\Chengdu Full-Day Tour: Panda Breeding Centre & Calligraphy learning

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