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  • 1. What can be used for identity verification to buy real-name train tickets?

    Passengers should buy tickets with valid identity certificates. To enter railway stations and board, all passengers need to present the tickets and valid identity certificates. Valid certificates includes Passport or Chinese ID card.

  • 2. How to collect tickets after successful online booking?

    For Passports:

    After successful online booking with passports, you can present your passport and the confirmation number to the Verification Counter of Identity for Online Booking in the railway stations to get your identity verified and collect your ticket.
    If you want to collect tickets on the day of your departure, please note that the verification could take a long time, so getting there at least 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure time is recommended.

    For Chinese 2nd Generation ID Cards...

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(C6251) - Chengdu-Leshan

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サイトもわかりやすく。。。何より。。。 1手配千円のサイトも多い中。。。手数料も安い設定で助かりました。。。 予定が決まっている方は、日本で取って行くことをお勧めします。。。 実際私は「行き」だけ取って行ったのですが。。。帰りは売り切れで。。。 現地で取れず。。。乗り合いタクシーで帰りました。。。

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