Chengdu becomes the 4th Aeronautic City in the mainland

19 Feb 2014


It is known from Chengdu shuangliu international airport that with the increasing number of international routes from Chengdu day by day, the attendance of Chengdu departure international routes also remains high. The latest figures suggest that the attendance of routes from Chengdu to London and Amsterdam during 1st Jan to 10th Jan exceeded 90%, and 99% at most. As a result, several airline companies said they would add capacity in Chengdu.


Increasing routes

Becomes the 4th Aeronautic City in the mainland

Since 2011, Chengdu airport has opened 11 regular direct passenger routes from Chengdu to Tokyo, Abu Dhabi, Gaoxiong, Kathmandu, Bombay, Phuket, Ha Noi, Melbourne, Frankfurt, Doha, and London; and 11 charter flights to Danang, Male, Seim Reap, Chiang Mai, Pusan, Sabah, Krabi, Saipan, Bali, Cheju, and Koh Samui.

By the end of last year, Chengdu airport has opened 222 routes, including 151 domestic routes, 71 international routes, and 167 navigable cities. The number of international and area routes ranks first in Midwest and Chengdu has become the 4th Aeronautic City in the mainland.

Meanwhile, the airport adds more regular flights from Chengdu to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Bangkok and opens 3 travel charter flights routes to Krabi, Danang and Chiang Mai.

On 19th May last year, Air China opens the routes from Chengdu to Frankfurt. There are 3 flights every week. Relevant person in charge of the Air China Sales Center said that the average load factors were about 75% since the route had been opened. And it is known that Air China Southwest Sales Center was applying for increasing the routes this year.

Sichuan Airlines said the route from Chengdu to Melbourne made it convenient for Chengdu and other Southwest travelers to go to Australia. And the load factors have achieved the anticipated target. Sichuan Airlines will take advantage of the 72 hours visa-free transit policy to increase the sales of immigrations then.


Looking ahead to Chengdu

International routes increase capacity

Air China and Sichuan Airlines were not the only companies who has benefited from the Chengdu intercontinental routes. The annual passenger throughput of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which has made efforts with Chengdu -Amsterdam routes for 7 years, reached 80,000 in 2013, and 50% of which are incoming visitors.

Yesterday, the reporter got the news from Chengdu Shuangliu Airport that load factors of all international non-stop scheduled services remained a high high standard. According to reference datas, the load factors of route from Chengdu to London and Amsterdam exceeded 90% and reached up to 99% during 1st to 10th Jan.

The load factors reached 90% in the first month that the British Airways opened the Chengdu-London route September last year, which exceeded the expectations. Then, the British Airways announced they were going to use Boeing787 Dreamliner running on the Chengdu -London route on 5th May, and would increased 3 flights per week to 5.

On Asia routes, the Chengdu-Singapore route operated by Singapore Silk Airline was added to 10 flights per week and AirAsia increased Chengdu-Kuala Lumpur route 1 flight per day last July. Also, Thai Airways added Chengdu-Bangkok route to 1 flight per day, and China Eastern Airlines started operating the Chengdu-Bangkok scheduled passenger flights(1 flight per day). On middle east routes, the Etihad Airways, who operates the Chengdu-Adu Dhabi route, plan to increase to route from 4 flights every week to 1 flight per day.



Future strategy

Developing Africa and Russia routes

With the renovation of international hall and transit lounge is completed, Chengdu international airport is ready to welcome more than 500,0000 passengers in the next year.

On 1st Sep, 2013, Chengdu became the forth city after Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to implement the 72 hours visa-free transit policy issued by the state council.

Then, Chengdu airport launches a series of service items for the 72 hours visa-free transit, such as the coupon, accommodation voucher and scenic shuttle bus. Chengdu is gradually coming into contact with the international rail from hardware to software.

With a series of measures, the passenger number of entry and departure from Chengdu greatly increased. The amount reached 33.45 million last year and the passenger throughput ranked the forth in the mainland cities.

Related personnel of Shuangliu Airport revealed that they will continue to develop the international routes this year : Chengdu-San Francisco non-stop route will be opened on 11th Jun, then it will only take 14 hours to fly from Chengdu to San Francisco. It is the first non-stop route from middle west China to America and also, Chengdu is the forth city in mainland which opens non-stop route to America.

Meanwhile, Chengdu airport plans to develop Africa and Russian international routes, introduce more airlines; and continues to optimize the existing routes and promote international transfer.

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