Shenzhen Terminal 3 will be put into use by the end of this month

13 Nov 2013

The new terminal of Shenzhen Airport will be officially put into use at the end of this month. By then, it will only take travelers about 40 minutes to get arrive at Hongkong Airport from the new terminal.


At present, the road connects airport and wharf in Shenzhen new terminal has been repaired. It makes sea-air transport more convenient and travelers can depart or arrive at wharf more quickly through the airport south road.








It is known that Shenzhen Airport is the only one in mainland which achieves the “sea-land-air-rail” multiple combined transport. In the first half of this year, to further improve the stopover passengers’ convenience of travel from wharf, the airport wharf cooperated with shipping company and airline company to implement the sea-air combined service, and signed the “One-ticket-for-all” agreement which leads right to Macao with the Southern Airline, Shenzhen Airline and Air China.


Meanwhile, the airport wharf opens 8 roundtrip ships to the Haitian wharf of Hongkong Airport everyday. By high-speed liner, mainland visitors can get arrived at Haitian wharf only in 40 minutes.


According to the introduction from the head of the airport wharf, as the increase of passengers after the new terminal opening, they will add more roundtrip ships from Shenzhen to Hongkong and Macao, also they decide to add more roundtrip ships from Shenzhen Airport to Hongkong downtown.

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