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Top 10 Sichuan Spicy Food You can’t be missed

11 Jun 2014

Sichuan cuisine, one of the eight regional cuisines in China, famous for spicy, main characteristic is to taste type variety.

1. Chengdu people's favorite - Sichuan chafing dish

Hot pot is Chengdu people's beloved, the most restaurant in Chengdu Street is hotpot restaurant, if you go to the local families, they will give hot pot to entertain you. Arrived in Sichuan, do not eat hot pot is sorry for this hot land.

2. Gastronomy of Tianfu - pork lungs in chili sauce

Pork lungs in chili sauce is a known a flavor dishes in Chengdu. In the 30s, in a small city near Chengdu, there was a man named Guo Chaohua, producing cold cattle lung slice for a possession with his wife. Because cold lung slice they run was made careful, unique flavor, so it’s loved by people. To distinguish general lung slice shops, people call them "husband-and-wife lung slice".

3. China time-honored brand - Mapo bean curd

Nowadays the bean curd has become the specialty of Sichuan cuisine at home and abroad. It is said that do this dish need very fastidious Chinese prickly ash. Without supreme good Chinese prickly ash, the bean curd had better stop not to sell. This management approach, become a peer.

4. Chengdu star dishes- Erjietuding

Erjietuding who is a star dish in Chengdu, it is the most famous diced meat bones more little, do not add the rabbit head.

5. 500 years - Nine feet flat duck

People in Pengzhou Jiuchi have been breeding ducks, in 1986 it was known as "township of duck" in Sichuan Province. As early as the Ming dynasty, nine feet duck has quite a reputation, control the local hospitality feast guest for dishes.

6. "Don't eat the sword bean curd, waste travel world’s pass "- sword bean curd

Sword door tofu began in The Three Kingdoms. Jiang Wei was trapped at that time, people tired, make soya-bean grinding stationed camp and local people do tofu, bean dregs feed the charger. In this way, the custom of making tofu was downward. Again because of the sword gate mountain’s conglomerate gravel soil are of good quality to plant soybeans, sword door springs clear and sweet, coupled with the unique production process, so the sword door is famous for its white tender, fragrant, resilient tofu.

7. The national darlings- Bon Bon Chicken

"Bon Bon chicken" is in the menu of many restaurants in many big cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, very popular with the prey.

8. Nanchong specialty- Chuanbei bean jelly

Chuanbei bean jelly is made of high quality shelled peas, water after soaking, ground into a fine paste, then slag filtration, sedimentation dehydration, made from flour. Then heat mix into a paste, putting into the basin or dish. Chuanbei bean jelly is a specialty of Nanchong.

9. Civilians first food- hot and sour tofu pudding

Spicy tofu pudding is a famous snack in leshan and Chengdu.

10. The young snack - drip dumplings

Drip dumpling was born in the early 1980s."Drip dumplings have the characteristics of thin skin, tender filling, fat shape, and its color is red, salty, sweet, hemp, spicy blend.

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