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Strolling Wide and Narrow Lanes & touching Chengdu life styles

22 May 2014
The essence of Chengdu popular nightclubs is to explore graceful courtyards and drink at passionate bars; just like a cocktail which can be enjoyed indoor and outdoor. ‘Hu’ stands for ‘Gu,Yue’, ‘ Li’ means Ri, Tu ‘, the meaning of ‘Huli’ is ‘the sun shining on the earth". The most recommended is the music there. It works well with music places like wheat fields, desert island concert, Danish culture and art center, as well as orange music festival. This night club has a secret terrace on 2nd floor back door which is decorated like ancient Rome. You can have a quiet place there anytime you want.
It was an old school. It is unique to lay scattered around the pickle jar, sending out leisurely and comfortable light at night. Every flower season, purple flowers slump, flourishing very beautiful. The gourd is on behalf of the "fu", and the pillars of the railing are nearly a century years old. Thousands of square meters of business area includes only 10 rooms, whose name was taken from Zhouyi. It advocates slow food concept and implement dishes, although they are selling new Sichuan cuisine, it is still traditional.
Wide and narrow Hutong cultural wall
It is the work of local sculptor Zhu Cheng, located in Jingxiangzikou, to the south is the residential area. The biggest point is graphic arts combine with anaglyph stereoscopic art seamless shown in black and white old photographs, such as a pedicab driver backed with potatoes in the streets, potatoes have been changed for the three-dimensional relief by Zhu Cheng, the experience so you can do a posture, like coming up the coachman tricycle.
Kuanxiangzi No.3
It is often referred to as ‘Kuan 3’, and the goalkeeper in front of the door is tourists’ main view spot. The door is mostly mask, because the important concept is ‘closed their doors and welcome the customers’. After the entrance, they have the feeling of falling to vanquish mansion: Chinese style table, flower pear window grille, lines drums, the most eye-catching is circled the atrium of the beauty.
Lufu Huisuo
It is rarely to see Quyi performance in such a club. The most special part is, whenever the play to the climax, face-changing artists will run to each room to interact with the audience. The performance starts at 8:30 at night.
There is not always a pot of wine, but a cup of tea. Around 10 o 'clock the yard was full of customers. This is a kind of scented tea grew in Emei Mountain.
Baili Coffee
Drink coffee in front and taste private kitchens backyard; the glass house makes you think of Paris but the BiChi in the backyard allows you to enter the Taoist atmosphere. Master Tang Xipeng is interested in Taoism; people often look for him after open the shop, not to drink coffee, but with sticks. It is said that there is a specialty coffee roasting machine to ensure you to drink the best coffee.
Panda House
It is Chengdu’s newly popular souvenir shop which takes panda as its theme. There is a strong and young design team behind, with novelty products, fashion sense and texture and mill type souvenir.
The Ancient Tea Horse Road
Not hall door left unlocked the door, no deep courtyard, tea horse road is one of the few restaurant in the wide lane seems very gear out. Taste aside, in a burst of fireworks of eating barbecue, steamed pork with rice flour or cooked edamame, watching handsome boy and pretty girl across.
It is Zhai Yongming’s bars and art collection and distribution center. We regularly organize visual pioneer, poetry, film exhibitions and lectures there
The original real life experience museum in Chengdu
The Gymnasium reduced scenes of Chengdu Xiaokangzhijia before the Anti-Japanese War.
The biggest point is a 100 - square - meter underground wine cellar, and the soil texture of the smallpox modeling of metope, circular arch, infiltrating the original wooden table wine.

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