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Birds Watching Places in Chengdu Tour

04 Apr 2014
In the easy and relaxed life in Chengdu tour, birds-watching has become a fashionable activity. In Chengdu Bailuwan Wetland Park, a group of house sparrows sing in the branches. Each day, many local citizens come here to appreciate the lovely birds. Besides Bailuwan Wetland Park, there are over 30 great places to see birds. For example, Sichuan University, Qinglong Lake, Huanghuaxi Park, Chengdu Panda Base, Chengdu Botanical Garden, East Lake Park etc.
There are 444 types of wild birds in Chengdu record. The extremely rare kind of bird like Red-breasted Merganser exists in Qinglong Lake. Qinglong Lake provides a stable and comprehensive ecological environment for wild birds living and breeding. There is also Anthya ferina living there. Its
‘Bird Week’ in China firstly started in 1981. It is originally established to protect migratory birds between China and Japan.  In the nationwide, ‘Bird Week’ would be one weekend from April to May. In Chengdu, it is the first week in April. The "Bird Week" event in Chengdu will be held in Wangjianglou Park on April 5. There will be bird photography exhibition, activities like hanging nest, bird specimen show, birds’ sound listening, birds feeding, bird watching, bird painting and other items. In China West, you have multi options to organize a Birding watching tour in China, you can also check our website.
The full list of birds watching place in Chengdu: Sichuan University, Qinglong Lake, Huanhuaxi Park, Lotus Pond, the Chengdu Panda Base, Chengdu Botanical Gardens, East Lake Park, North Lake Park, Baihuatan Park, Wangjianglou Park, Temple of Marquis Wu, Bailuwan Wetland, Southwest Jiaotong University, Phoenix Mountains Park, Jiang River ecological Park, Yongkang Forest Park, Jinshadui Museum, Qingyang Oasis Park, Chengdu University, Qingshui River Park, Chengdu Zoo, Botanica Park, Jincheng Park, Yongling Park, Shengxian Lake, Wenshu Temple, Nangua Beach, Chengdu Culture Park and Chengdu People's Park.

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