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Snow Chengdu, Wide&Narrow Lanes

23 Dec 2013

Wide&Narrow Lanes are very famous in Chengdu. It is classic China Southwest style. An atmosphere of Chengdu ancient culture expands all around the streets.

A lot of travellers can spend a whole week in Chengdu. There are too many delicious food there. You cannot stop all the days. Also people in Chengdu live in real comfort. They don't rush into anything too quickly and too deeply. They have some own paces.

Chengdu is also a place which have many beautiful girls. They are pretty and lovely. Also they are very nice to the tourists. If you are in Chengdu, Mahjong is the play you cannot miss. If you cannot learn it in a short time, that's ok. It is also fun to watch local people play it. So much joy!

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