Cheap San Francisco Flights, SFO

Cheap San Francisco Flights, SFO

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Book your cheap San Francisco flights with ChinaTravelDepot. We provide domestic flights to San Francisco of the 349 cities in United States/America, and you also can search cheap flights to San Francisco from the major cities in the world. Find your cheap San Francisco flights, start your San Francisco trip now!

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  • There are 1 Airports in San Francisco, including San Francisco . Don't forget to confirm your San Francisco airports.

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May. 19,2018 03:50

Asked by Mr.Lidun Gu (United States/America)

Where is my ticket
I am going to let you explain what happen before I provide review feedback. Back in October 2017 I ordedered one ticket for my wife, Julie Gu and pay for it with Discover card at the amount of 100.68. Her ticket was fine under E-ticket 999-5901214096. My ticket was under e-ticket 999-5901214088. It was supposed to be charge the same amount 100.68, but was charged 103.68. I had the credit card company verify the discrepancy and the 103.68 was paid. So on May 2, 2018 - I tried to check in and discovered that I do not have a ticket. Can not get in contact with you to find out what had happened. You have no customer support phone numbers that worked. My only recourse was to buy another ticket. Having no bank account or credit card with China, I was stuck and had to beg my relative to buy the ticket for me. I was finally able to and had to spend additional amount for the ticket and lots more. Please provide details why I was not provided for a ticket when it has been paid.

Apr. 16,2018 20:24

Asked by Mr.Nicolai Jaeger (Germany)

China Travel Answers
Dear ChinaTravelDepot Team, my payment for the booking CTD18041017140047 was successful. Unfortunately I did not receive our e-ticket by E-Mail. Please send me the e-tickets. Best regards, Nicolai

Mar. 30,2018 23:04

Asked by Mr.KING (Panama)

CTD18032904390017 COULD YOU PLEASE INFORM ME WHEN I WILL GET MY TICKETS WITH HAINAN AIRLINES, I HAVE SEEN YOU HAVE RECEIVED THE FULL PAYMENT, PAST 24 HOURS "your full payment of USD 560.96 for the booking of CTD18032904390017 (China Flights)’. KING

Mar. 11,2018 16:26

Asked by Mr.Inga Stukena (Latvia)

China Travel Answers
I have received sms from China Eastern Airlines that time for my booked flight is changed. Could you please send a new E-ticket-confirmation with the correct flight times?
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