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Note: Numbers in below Frequency column standard for week day in a week in sequence (e.g. 1 stands for Monday; ...7 stands for Sunday)
Flight No.
CGO07:20SZX09:40Kuming Airlines Co. LtdKY93067381234567
CGO07:20SZX09:40Air ChinaCA34207381234567
CGO07:20SZX09:40Shenzhen AirlinesZH93067381234567
CGO07:45SZX10:20China Southern AirlinesCZ3975JET1234567
CGO07:45SZX10:20Xiamen AirlinesMF1757JET1234567
CGO10:15SZX12:50Xiamen AirlinesMF198673C1234567
CGO10:15SZX12:50China Southern AirlinesCZ633573C1234567
CGO14:40SZX17:05China Southern AirlinesCZ647773C1234567
CGO14:40SZX17:05Xiamen AirlinesMF411873C1234567
CGO17:50SZX20:20China Southern AirlinesCZ3973JET1234567
CGO17:50SZX20:20Xiamen AirlinesMF4290JET1234567
CGO18:20SZX20:40Kuming Airlines Co. LtdKY93047391234567
CGO18:20SZX20:40Air ChinaCA34187391234567
CGO18:20SZX20:40Shenzhen AirlinesZH93047391234567
CGO19:30SZX21:55Hainan AirlinesHU7756JET1234567
CGO19:45SZX22:10West AirlinePN6311320X234567
CGO20:20SZX22:45China Southern AirlinesCZ361873QX2X4X6X
CGO20:20SZX22:45Xiamen AirlinesMF144673QX2X4X6X
CGO20:20SZX22:50Xiamen AirlinesMF4672JET1X3X5X7
CGO20:20SZX22:50China Southern AirlinesCZ6390JET1X3X5X7
CGO21:20SZX23:55Hainan AirlinesHU72567381234567
CGO22:10SZX00:35Aircompany YakutiaY875307381234567
CGO22:50SZX01:20Shenzhen AirlinesZH93447381X3X5XX
CGO22:50SZX01:20Shenzhen AirlinesZH930273FX2X4X67
CGO22:50SZX01:20Air ChinaCA341673FX2X4X67
CGO22:50SZX01:20Kuming Airlines Co. LtdKY930273FX2X4X67
CGO22:50SZX01:20Air ChinaCA35047381X3X5XX
CGO22:50SZX01:20Kuming Airlines Co. LtdKY93447381X3X5XX
CGO23:10SZX01:55Donghai AirlinesDZ6264738X2X4X6X
CGO23:10SZX01:55Donghai AirlinesDZ62207381X3X5X7

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Topic : China Flights

(CZ6604)-Zhengzhou to Shenzhen by

Travel Date: 12/31/2017

Overall Satisfaction

Friday, January 12, 2018 11:07 PM said:



I loved their customer service, their service on board, compared to other airlines was great, on national trips had never had food service.
The crew was very attentive, very friendly, it was perfect.
The takeoff was in time and the landing took place before, 30 minutes, excellent.
The plane had no entertainment on board and it was not possible to use the cell phone to play. The bathroom was clean, which I thought was very good.
The China Southern app does not allow you to add the boarding pass to wallet on the iphone. That can be improved.
The staff that checked my luggage was very friendly, I did not have to wait long, the line was not very long. =)

Punctual RateCrew Service
Unexpected Problem-HandlingEnglish Speaking
Food Quality
Topic : China Flights

(ZH9950)-Zhengzhou to Shenzhen by

Travel Date: 4/6/2013

Overall Satisfaction

Saturday, April 13, 2013 6:41 PM said:

"Mr. Barbara"


This flight was nothing out of the ordinary. We got off on time and got there on time.

Punctual RateCrew Service
Unexpected Problem-HandlingEnglish Speaking
Food Quality
Topic : China Flights

(ZH9950)-Zhengzhou to Shenzhen by

Travel Date: 4/26/2012

Overall Satisfaction

Monday, May 7, 2012 11:24 AM said:

"Mr. andrew"


although there was a delay to take off time the crew were very pleasant enjoyed the short flight .

Punctual RateCrew Service
Unexpected Problem-HandlingEnglish Speaking
Food Quality