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Note: Numbers in below Frequency column standard for week day in a week in sequence (e.g. 1 stands for Monday; ...7 stands for Sunday)
Flight No.
SZX06:55KMG09:25China Eastern AirlinesMU576473H1234567
SZX07:10KMG09:35Shenzhen AirlinesZH943573F1234567
SZX07:10KMG09:35Air ChinaCA331373F1234567
SZX07:10KMG09:35Kuming Airlines Co. LtdKY943573F1234567
SZX07:10KMG09:35Tibet AirlinesTV667573F1234567
SZX08:00KMG10:30China Southern AirlinesCZ3459JET1234567
SZX08:00KMG10:30China Eastern AirlinesMU3226JET1234567
SZX08:00KMG10:30Xiamen AirlinesMF1297JET1234567
SZX08:30KMG10:55Air ChinaCA572073G1234567
SZX08:30KMG10:55Shenzhen AirlinesZH312073G1234567
SZX08:30KMG10:55Kuming Airlines Co. LtdKY822073G1234567
SZX12:25KMG14:50China Eastern AirlinesMU576273E1XXX5XX
SZX12:25KMG15:00China Eastern AirlinesMU5762JETXX3XXX7
SZX13:20KMG15:45China Eastern AirlinesMU576073M123456X
SZX13:20KMG16:00China Eastern AirlinesMU576073MXXXXXX7
SZX13:45KMG16:15Xiamen AirlinesMF128932G1234567
SZX13:45KMG16:15China Eastern AirlinesMU468932G1234567
SZX13:45KMG16:15China Southern AirlinesCZ345132G1234567
SZX14:05KMG16:30Shenzhen AirlinesZH943773F1234567
SZX14:05KMG16:30Tibet AirlinesTV669373F1234567
SZX14:05KMG16:30Kuming Airlines Co. LtdKY943773F1234567
SZX14:05KMG16:30Air ChinaCA331773F1234567
SZX17:20KMG19:50China Eastern AirlinesMU575873E1234567
SZX18:40KMG21:10China Eastern AirlinesMU4645JET123X567
SZX18:40KMG21:10Xiamen AirlinesMF4477JET123X567
SZX18:40KMG21:10China Southern AirlinesCZ6923JET123X567
SZX19:55KMG22:35Luckyair Airlines8L998033EX2X4X6X
SZX19:55KMG22:35Luckyair Airlines8L9980JET1X3X5X7
SZX20:05KMG22:35Tibet AirlinesTV669573F1X34567
SZX20:05KMG22:35Kuming Airlines Co. LtdKY943973F1X34567
SZX20:05KMG22:35Air ChinaCA332773F1X34567
SZX20:05KMG22:35Shenzhen AirlinesZH943973F1X34567
SZX21:15KMG23:45Shenzhen AirlinesZH943973FX2XXXXX
SZX21:15KMG23:45Air ChinaCA332773FX2XXXXX
SZX21:15KMG23:45Kuming Airlines Co. LtdKY943973FX2XXXXX
SZX21:15KMG23:45Tibet AirlinesTV669573FX2XXXXX
SZX22:00KMG00:30Aircompany YakutiaY877677381234567
SZX22:00KMG00:30Hainan AirlinesHU77677381234567

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Topic : China Flights

(CZ3451)-Shenzhen to Kunming by

Travel Date: 3/30/2018

Overall Satisfaction

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 4:38 PM said:



1. Southern airline delayed our flight from 1300 to 1700, we called in and was able to change our flight to china eastern airline.
2. However, China Eastern airline mistaken sending out wrong delay flight message 3 days before of our flight. When we arrived to check in counter they could not find our name on the system. They said they are not responsible for this asked us to call in and ask for solution and refused to let us travel with other flight. We missed our flight and China Eastern Airlines admit the mistake that they had made. We eventually buy another ticket from southern china airline.

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Unexpected Problem-HandlingEnglish Speaking
Food Quality
Topic : China Flights

(ZH9985)-Shenzhen to Kunming by

Travel Date: 8/9/2014

Overall Satisfaction

Saturday, August 30, 2014 4:14 AM said:

"Mr. Anthony"


The flight was very fine, no problem no issues... Good service and prompt and on time, good seating too. Satisfied.

Punctual RateCrew Service
Unexpected Problem-HandlingEnglish Speaking
Food Quality