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Flight No.
JJN09:30CAN10:55Xiamen AirlinesMF83857381234567
JJN09:30CAN10:55Xiamen AirlinesMF83857381234567
JJN09:30CAN10:55China Southern AirlinesCZ52897381234567
JJN09:30CAN10:55China Southern AirlinesCZ52897381234567
JJN09:30CAN10:55Hebei AirlineNS83857381234567
JJN09:30CAN10:55Hebei AirlineNS83857381234567
JJN14:00CAN15:35Shenzhen AirlinesZH999632F1234567
JJN14:00CAN15:35Air ChinaCA361832F1234567
JJN14:00CAN15:35Kuming Airlines Co. LtdKY999632F1234567
JJN14:00CAN15:35Shandong AirlinesSC999632F1234567
JJN14:00CAN15:35Shanghaijixiang AirlinesHO381432F1234567
JJN22:10CAN23:35Shenzhen AirlinesZH983632F1234567
JJN22:10CAN23:35Kuming Airlines Co. LtdKY983632F1234567
JJN22:10CAN23:35Air ChinaCA385032F1234567
JJN22:10CAN23:35Shandong AirlinesSC983632F1234567

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Topic : China Flights

(MF8321)-Quanzhou to Guangzhou by

Travel Date: 3/24/2013

Overall Satisfaction

Sunday, April 21, 2013 5:23 PM said:



I had a very terrible experience with XIAMEN AIRLINE. Personally, I felt that, this is the worst AIRLINE that I have ever encountered. On the 24th March 2013, I was supposed to take flight from Jin Jiang Airport to Guangzhou Airport from 1755. At 1650, I was told that the airplane was delayed and I had to take the plane at 2140. Since I still have sufficient time to take my midnight flight back to singapore, I agreed to the arrangement. However, when I reached the airport, the plane was again delayed without further notice. It was until at 2245 then we were able to board the plane. Again when we were on board the plane, we were being held waiting until 2326 then the plane took off from Jin Jiang. Upon reaching Guangzhou, I had already missed my flight back to singapore. I was very upset with the delayed again and again, if I had know earlier, I could had made arrangement, so that I can be back to Singapore on time. Furthermore, when I seek help from the service crew to liases with JETSTAR airline, I was told that they knew nothing about international flight, and when I ask about other flights back to Singapore, they told me that the next available flight is the morning flight the following day. However, when I reached Guangzhou Airport, there are 2 midnight flight flying to singapore, ONE is singapore airline. Again, apparently, XIAMEN Airline knew nothing about international flight, I would say that the service from them is not efficient and not up to standard, even compared to other budget airline. When I am back to singapore, I lodge a complaint to the feedback department. There was a delay in reply, I wanted to reach the supervisor, yet the service crew replied that their supervisor do not attend to compliant and they ONLY attend through phonecall and not through EMAIL which I felt is ridicules having a email system yet does not provide a reply system. When I told her the whole situation, service crew could only apology and not able to give me a satisfactory answer to explain why the Xiamen Airline could not reach Jetstar Airline upon my request and Xiamen Airline could not tell me the other two midnight flights back to singapore and why they did not provide an email reply to my complaint letter. Worse still,the service crew only insist that they are not going to compansate my loss. The service was a total disappointment!

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