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Note: Numbers in below Frequency column standard for week day in a week in sequence (e.g. 1 stands for Monday; ...7 stands for Sunday)
Flight No.
LXA07:05CTU09:10Tibet AirlinesTV98813301234567
LXA07:05CTU09:10Air ChinaCA39653301234567
LXA07:05CTU09:10Shandong AirlinesSC98813301234567
LXA07:05CTU09:10Shenzhen AirlinesZH39813301234567
LXA09:20CTU11:25Shandong AirlinesSC98473301234567
LXA09:20CTU11:25Shenzhen AirlinesZH39473301234567
LXA09:20CTU11:25Air ChinaCA39513301234567
LXA09:20CTU11:25Tibet AirlinesTV98473301234567
LXA09:30CTU11:35Sichuan Airlines3U8658JET12XX5XX
LXA09:30CTU11:35Sichuan Airlines3U8658JETXX34X67
LXA09:30CTU11:35China Southern AirlinesCZ4916JETXX34X67
LXA09:30CTU11:35China Southern AirlinesCZ4916JET12XX5XX
LXA10:25CTU12:35China Southern AirlinesCZ490631912X45X7
LXA10:25CTU12:35Sichuan Airlines3U869831912X45X7
LXA10:30CTU12:35Sichuan Airlines3U8698319XXXXX6X
LXA10:30CTU12:35China Southern AirlinesCZ4906319XXXXX6X
LXA10:35CTU12:35Air ChinaCA44023301234567
LXA10:35CTU12:35Tibet AirlinesTV64063301234567
LXA10:35CTU12:35Shenzhen AirlinesZH44023301234567
LXA10:35CTU12:35Shandong AirlinesSC44023301234567
LXA12:05CTU14:05China Eastern AirlinesMU54743191234567
LXA13:15CTU15:25Shenzhen AirlinesZH44063191234567
LXA13:15CTU15:25Shandong AirlinesSC44063191234567
LXA13:15CTU15:25Tibet AirlinesTV64043191234567
LXA13:15CTU15:25Air ChinaCA44063191234567
LXA15:05CTU17:05Air ChinaCA44423191234567
LXA15:05CTU17:05Shenzhen AirlinesZH44423191234567
LXA15:20CTU17:30Sichuan Airlines3U8696319123XXX7
LXA15:20CTU17:30China Southern AirlinesCZ4908319123XXX7
LXA15:35CTU18:00Sichuan Airlines3U8696319XXX456X
LXA15:35CTU18:00China Southern AirlinesCZ4908319XXX456X
LXA16:10CTU18:15Air ChinaCA41113191234567
LXA16:10CTU18:15Shenzhen AirlinesZH41113191234567
LXA16:10CTU18:15Tibet AirlinesTV62893191234567
LXA16:10CTU18:15Shandong AirlinesSC41113191234567
LXA16:40CTU18:55Sichuan Airlines3U87203191X3XXXX
LXA16:40CTU18:55China Southern AirlinesCZ99983191X3XXXX
LXA16:40CTU19:00China Southern AirlinesCZ9998319XXXX5X7
LXA16:40CTU19:00Sichuan Airlines3U8720319XXXX5X7
LXA16:45CTU18:55Shandong AirlinesSC98043191234567
LXA16:45CTU18:55Shenzhen AirlinesZH39043191234567
LXA16:45CTU18:55Air ChinaCA39123191234567
LXA16:45CTU18:55Tibet AirlinesTV98043191234567
LXA17:15CTU19:25Air ChinaCA408319X2X4X6X
LXA17:50CTU20:00Air ChinaCA44043191234567
LXA17:50CTU20:00Tibet AirlinesTV64083191234567
LXA17:50CTU20:00Shenzhen AirlinesZH44043191234567
LXA17:50CTU20:00Shandong AirlinesSC44043191234567
LXA20:30CTU22:35Air ChinaCA39443301234567
LXA20:30CTU22:35Shenzhen AirlinesZH39543301234567
LXA20:30CTU22:35Shandong AirlinesSC98543301234567
LXA20:30CTU22:35Tibet AirlinesTV98543301234567
LXA22:10CTU00:15Air ChinaCA39463301234567
LXA22:10CTU00:15Shandong AirlinesSC98563301234567
LXA22:10CTU00:15Tibet AirlinesTV98563301234567
LXA22:10CTU00:15Shenzhen AirlinesZH39563301234567
LXA11:20CTU14:55China Eastern AirlinesMU52823191X3X5X7
LXA13:00CTU16:35Luckyair Airlines8L962873L1X3X5X7
LXA14:20CTU17:55Luckyair Airlines8L962873UX2X4X6X
LXA15:10CTU19:00Shenzhen AirlinesZH4026319X2XX5XX
LXA15:10CTU19:00Air ChinaCA4026319X2XX5XX

Guest Reviews

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All Votes: 5

Topic : China Flights

(3U8658)-Lhasa to Chengdu by

Travel Date: 10/30/2017

Overall Satisfaction

Saturday, November 4, 2017 9:26 PM said:



Very good service with inflight entertainment and meal provided. Flight attendants are able to provide efficient service even though there are full passengers on board. Flight landed early which is good. But the food can be improved, very plain.

Punctual RateCrew Service
Unexpected Problem-HandlingEnglish Speaking
Food Quality
Topic : China Flights

(TV9854)-Lhasa to Chengdu by

Travel Date: 5/12/2016

Overall Satisfaction

Saturday, May 14, 2016 2:09 PM said:

"Mr. Marcus"


The pleasure started upon check in, we were welcomed by friendly staff to get our tickets and check our bags in! The check in staff spoke very good English which made it easy for us and informed is on which gate to go and how to get there!
Once it was time to bored the plane Asian all the friendly staff, smiling and making sure our flight was as comfortable as possible! Even once landed the staff continued there pleasant and friendly service.
I would recommend Tibet airlines and chinatravelsepot to all my friends.

Punctual RateCrew Service
Unexpected Problem-HandlingEnglish Speaking
Food Quality
Topic : China Flights

(CA4402)-Lhasa to Chengdu by

Travel Date: 3/30/2015

Overall Satisfaction

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 11:15 AM said:

"Ms. Jessica"


I had a very pleasant flight and did not run into any problems.

Punctual RateCrew Service
Unexpected Problem-HandlingEnglish Speaking
Food Quality
Topic : China Flights

(CA4404)-Lhasa to Chengdu by

Travel Date: 5/28/2014

Overall Satisfaction

Saturday, June 21, 2014 1:10 PM said:



Ticket purchase on line was quite easy. Received phone calls before confirmation of purchase which was good. The only hitch was the flight was delayed by more than an hour.

Punctual RateCrew Service
Unexpected Problem-HandlingEnglish Speaking
Food Quality
Topic : China Flights

(CA408)-Lhasa to Chengdu by

Travel Date: 5/14/2013

Overall Satisfaction

Thursday, May 16, 2013 5:17 PM said:

"Mr. Berta"


Everything was great - nice staff, food on the flight, you couldn't ask for more.

Punctual RateCrew Service
Unexpected Problem-HandlingEnglish Speaking
Food Quality