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Note: Numbers in below Frequency column standard for week day in a week in sequence (e.g. 1 stands for Monday; ...7 stands for Sunday)
Flight No.
CAN06:15CGO08:35Aloha AirlinesAQ10297381234567
CAN06:50CGO09:05Air ChinaCA574173G1X34567
CAN06:50CGO09:05Shenzhen AirlinesZH314173G1X34567
CAN06:50CGO09:05Kuming Airlines Co. LtdKY824173G1X34567
CAN07:05CGO09:25Hainan AirlinesHU7719738X2X4X6X
CAN07:05CGO09:25Aircompany YakutiaY87719738X2X4X6X
CAN07:30CGO09:55Xiamen AirlinesMF1238JET1X345X7
CAN07:30CGO09:55China Eastern AirlinesMU3306JET1X345X7
CAN07:30CGO09:55China Southern AirlinesCZ3392JET1X345X7
CAN08:30CGO11:05Shenzhen AirlinesZH96533201234567
CAN08:30CGO11:05Air ChinaCA36713201234567
CAN08:30CGO11:05Kuming Airlines Co. LtdKY96533201234567
CAN09:30CGO11:55Xiamen AirlinesMF4238JET1X3X5X7
CAN09:30CGO11:55China Eastern AirlinesMU4637JET1X3X5X7
CAN09:30CGO11:55China Express AirlinesG5500373QX2X4X6X
CAN09:30CGO11:55China Eastern AirlinesMU467573QX2X4X6X
CAN09:30CGO11:55Xiamen AirlinesMF108573QX2X4X6X
CAN09:30CGO11:55China Southern AirlinesCZ319573QX2X4X6X
CAN09:30CGO11:55China Southern AirlinesCZ6631JET1X3X5X7
CAN10:05CGO12:25Aircompany YakutiaY877197381X3X5X7
CAN10:05CGO12:25Hainan AirlinesHU77197381X3X5X7
CAN11:25CGO13:50Xiamen AirlinesMF1243JET1X3X5X7
CAN11:25CGO13:50China Southern AirlinesCZ3397JET1X3X5X7
CAN11:35CGO13:50China Southern AirlinesCZ663573QX2X4X6X
CAN11:35CGO13:50Xiamen AirlinesMF478773QX2X4X6X
CAN12:35CGO15:00Xiamen AirlinesMF1754JET1234567
CAN12:35CGO15:00China Eastern AirlinesMU3102JET1234567
CAN12:35CGO15:00China Southern AirlinesCZ3972JET1234567
CAN16:10CGO18:35Xiamen AirlinesMF1240JET1234567
CAN16:10CGO18:35China Southern AirlinesCZ3394JET1234567
CAN16:15CGO18:40Hainan AirlinesHU7739738X2X4X6X
CAN16:40CGO19:15Hainan AirlinesHU77397381XXXXXX
CAN16:55CGO19:30Hainan AirlinesHU7739738XX3X5X7
CAN19:05CGO21:35China Eastern AirlinesMU3307JET1234567
CAN19:05CGO21:35Xiamen AirlinesMF1242JET1234567
CAN19:05CGO21:35China Southern AirlinesCZ3396JET1234567
CAN20:15CGO22:30China Southern AirlinesCZ3960JET1234567
CAN20:15CGO22:30China Eastern AirlinesMU3083JET1234567
CAN20:15CGO22:30Xiamen AirlinesMF1742JET1234567
CAN20:15CGO22:30Sichuan Airlines3U3076JET1234567
CAN21:25CGO23:50China Southern AirlinesCZ3390JET1234567
CAN21:25CGO23:50China Eastern AirlinesMU3297JET1234567
CAN21:25CGO23:50Xiamen AirlinesMF1236JET1234567

Guest Reviews

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Topic : China Flights

(CZ3972)-Guangzhou to Zhengzhou by

Travel Date: 9/17/2016

Overall Satisfaction

Sunday, September 25, 2016 6:23 AM said:

"Ms. 晓磊"


it was a wonderful experience travelling with China Southern Airline

Punctual RateCrew Service
Unexpected Problem-HandlingEnglish Speaking
Food Quality
Topic : China Flights

(HU7711)-Guangzhou to Zhengzhou by

Travel Date: 8/3/2014

Overall Satisfaction

Monday, August 4, 2014 3:08 PM said:

"Mr. Mohamed"


every thing was good and the air craft crew were very good but there was a delay in the departure about 50 min was very boring and annoying

Punctual RateCrew Service
Unexpected Problem-HandlingEnglish Speaking
Food Quality
Topic : China Flights

(CZ3394)-Guangzhou to Zhengzhou by

Travel Date: 2/25/2014

Overall Satisfaction

Thursday, February 27, 2014 6:25 PM said:

"Mr. Ali"


Good and unique thing on this Co is having what they call Moslem food . I have never seen this feature anywhere else . Not only that but after one if my travel they follow up and ask me if this was given to me . Many thanks to Sourhern air management

Punctual RateCrew Service
Unexpected Problem-HandlingEnglish Speaking
Food Quality