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Note: Numbers in below Frequency column standard for week day in a week in sequence (e.g. 1 stands for Monday; ...7 stands for Sunday)
Flight No.
CSX07:35PEK09:50China Southern AirlinesCZ31233211234567
CSX07:35PEK09:50Xiamen AirlinesMF10233211234567
CSX07:35PEK09:50China Eastern AirlinesMU35633211234567
CSX08:25PEK10:45Air New ZealandNZ39163211234567
CSX08:25PEK10:45Shenzhen AirlinesZH135032A1234567
CSX08:25PEK10:45Air ChinaCA135032A1234567
CSX09:10PEK11:35Hainan AirlinesHU7626789XX3XX6X
CSX10:35PEK12:55China Southern AirlinesCZ37173201234567
CSX11:10PEK13:25Air New ZealandNZ3914JET1234567
CSX11:10PEK13:25Air ChinaCA134433A123X567
CSX11:10PEK13:25Air ChinaCA1344332XXX4XXX
CSX11:10PEK13:25Shenzhen AirlinesZH1344332XXX4XXX
CSX11:10PEK13:25Shenzhen AirlinesZH134433A123X567
CSX11:20PEK13:35Hainan AirlinesHU7636JET1234567
CSX12:00PEK14:15Xiamen AirlinesMF81917381234567
CSX12:00PEK14:15China Southern AirlinesCZ51217381234567
CSX12:05PEK14:25China Eastern AirlinesMU3567JET12X4567
CSX12:05PEK14:25Xiamen AirlinesMF1027JET12X4567
CSX12:05PEK14:25China Southern AirlinesCZ3127JET1234567
CSX14:30PEK16:45China Southern AirlinesCZ31413201234567
CSX14:30PEK16:45Xiamen AirlinesMF10413201234567
CSX14:30PEK16:45China Eastern AirlinesMU35693201234567
CSX16:45PEK19:10Air New ZealandNZ3920JET1234567
CSX16:45PEK19:10Air ChinaCA1374JET12345X7
CSX16:45PEK19:10Air ChinaCA1374JET12XXX6X
CSX16:45PEK19:10Shenzhen AirlinesZH1374JET12XXX6X
CSX16:45PEK19:10Shenzhen AirlinesZH1374JET12345X7
CSX17:50PEK20:10Xiamen AirlinesMF81477381234567
CSX17:50PEK20:10China Southern AirlinesCZ50897381234567
CSX17:50PEK20:15China Southern AirlinesCZ3147JET1234567
CSX18:15PEK20:40Hainan AirlinesHU7836JET1234567
CSX21:00PEK23:20China Southern AirlinesCZ3163JET1234567
CSX21:00PEK23:20China Eastern AirlinesMU3573JET1234567
CSX21:00PEK23:20Xiamen AirlinesMF1059JET1234567
CSX21:20PEK23:40Air New ZealandNZ39183211234567
CSX21:20PEK23:40Shenzhen AirlinesZH136433AXX3XXX7
CSX21:20PEK23:40Shenzhen AirlinesZH136432A12XXXXX
CSX21:20PEK23:40Shenzhen AirlinesZH136432A12X4567
CSX21:20PEK23:40Air ChinaCA136432A12XXXXX
CSX21:20PEK23:40Air ChinaCA136432A12X4567
CSX21:20PEK23:40Air ChinaCA136433AXX3XXX7
CSX21:30PEK23:50Hainan AirlinesHU7136JET1234567
CSX21:55PEK00:15China Southern AirlinesCZ619232LXX3XXXX

Guest Reviews

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Topic : China Flights

(CZ3123)-Changsha to Beijing by

Travel Date: 8/1/2017

Overall Satisfaction

Thursday, August 3, 2017 12:50 AM said:

"Mr. Martin"


Surprisingly, China Southern Airlines was on time, especially from Changsha airport, and especially on a frequent route CSX-PEK. It's a pain to be late almost in 90% of the flights between those two cities, and especially a pain to depart from Changsha in late evening and night times. At that time, you will be delayed for 99% for sure (up to 3-5 hours are not a surprise, be lucky when your flight is not cancelled). All the flights are usually delayed from Changsha in the evening. With no reason, just because they are... I guess there are some "unexplainable" governmental reasons, or just simply overcrowded air traffic control in Chinese air.... seems like all the Chinese want to fly... I would be just curious, if there are any passenger rights, how we can claim our rights to be compensated or reimbursed due to notoriously delayed domestic flights within China. I guess nobody cares and airlines usually treat their passengers just like some "numbers".... But anyway, I was happy and fully satisfied with my morning flight. Recommendation: fly early in the morning, there is a better chance to be on-time.

Punctual RateCrew Service
Unexpected Problem-HandlingEnglish Speaking
Food Quality
Topic : China Flights

(CZ3717)-Changsha to Beijing by

Travel Date: 7/8/2017

Overall Satisfaction

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 4:08 PM said:



I would reccommend china travel depot.
Everything perfect with this flight. I got a problem with an another flight and the customer care try to help me by phone and by mail.

Punctual RateCrew Service
Unexpected Problem-HandlingEnglish Speaking
Food Quality
Topic : China Flights

(HU7636)-Changsha to Beijing by

Travel Date: 3/19/2016

Overall Satisfaction

Friday, March 25, 2016 12:37 AM said:



I had Beijing-Changsha-Beijing trip, both flights with Hainan, and I am fully satisfied with this company. Everything was in time, clean and enjoyable. I certainly will choose this company next time and I recommend it to others.

Punctual RateCrew Service
Unexpected Problem-HandlingEnglish Speaking
Food Quality
Topic : China Flights

(CA1350)-Changsha to Beijing by

Travel Date: 4/11/2013

Overall Satisfaction

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 2:18 PM said:

"Mr. Klaus"


Nice crew, super service and Always on time. But food could be much better.

Punctual RateCrew Service
Unexpected Problem-HandlingEnglish Speaking
Food Quality
Topic : China Flights

(MF8147)-Changsha to Beijing by

Travel Date: 5/4/2012

Overall Satisfaction

Friday, May 11, 2012 7:57 AM said:

"Mr. charles"


the flight was a good value for the 2 hour flight,i had low expectations of the air lines ,but was very surprised

Punctual RateCrew Service
Unexpected Problem-HandlingEnglish Speaking
Food Quality