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Dec. 06,2018 13:51

Asked by Mr.Peter Waddell (China)

what is the price of car hire per day
I am trying to put some prices together for when wwe get some visitors. Can we hire a car in wehai for a day. With a driver. Or we have a driver with a Chinese lisence. How does it work.
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Dec. 03,2018 16:21

Asked by Mr.Hung Hin Cheong (Malaysia)

7 passengers with luggage. Require van with driver, but without tour guide, for 4 days 9-Jan to 12-Jan, 8 hours per day. Itinerary as follows: 9-Jan: Zhuhai - Zhongshan - Jiangmen - Shunde 10-Jan: Shunde 11-Jan: Shunde - Foshan - Guangzhou 12-Jan: Guangzhou
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